Startling new video from immigration activist group LaColectiVA as they challenge Democratic Delegate Alfonzo Lopez (D-Arlington) on his practice of working with ICE centers to deport illegal immigrants — to the tune of $15,000:

Of course, Lopez’s answer wasn’t precisely forthcoming.  Nevertheless, the progressive left isn’t exactly buying nuance at the moment, as Lopez consistently dodges the question while castigating the activists (who apparently ambushed Lopez in a classic “gotcha” moment) who have challenged him on his practice of packing illegal immigrants back to their point of origin.

Who would have thought that Lopez — a stalwart liberal in the Democratic Caucus — shared the values of Republican Donald J. Trump?

Naturally, most of this is tongue in cheek.  Liberals within the House Democratic Caucus in Virginia are now finding themselves hoisted on their own petard, with the progressive wing of their own party agitating for something very different than what liberals actually believe and practice in their day-to-day lives on issues such as open borders and immigration.

Kudos to Lopez for standing firm for the rule of law and deporting illegal immigrants caught by ICE… albeit for a paycheck.