After a stellar performance by Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie, the message has been sent loud and clear — Northam is officially running out of math and running out of time.

From the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce press statement:

NOVABIZPAC endorses Mr. Ed Gillespie for Governor. NOVABIZPAC trustees voted to endorse Mr. Gillespie based on his pro-business policy positions and proposals.

“The policies outlined in the Northern Virginia Chamber legislative agenda represent the priorities of the Northern Virginia business community – Mr. Gillespie’s policy positions and proposals closely align with the Northern Virginia Chamber’s legislative agenda,” said Jim Corcoran, Northern Virginia Chamber President and CEO and NOVABIZPAC trustee. “Mr. Gillespie committed to oppose any effort to roll back the landmark HB2313 transportation funding legislation and to support the long-term financial and operational viability of Metro. He also vocalized his firm support of Virginia’s longstanding right to work laws, and vowed to oppose bills like North Carolina’s HB2 that would threaten Virginia’s reputation as an open and welcoming Commonwealth.”

One immediately notes the emphasis on Virginia’s right to work laws, a position where Northam reportedly engaged in a rather testy exchange with NOVA Chamber of Commerce members during his interview as he refused to be pinned down decisively on where he stood.