Saturday, December 9, 2023

Tucker, Elon Real Winners Of First GOP Debate Night

The true winners of last night's debate are former prime-time Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk, owner of X –...

HANER: Only One Army Showing Up in War Over Fossil Fuels

The ban on fossil fuels to drive Virginia's energy economy isn't just making electric bills more expensive, but is undermining energy security in pursuit of a sentiment bordering the religious, writes TJIPP's Haner.

Who Are Those Rich Men North of Richmond?

VCU Wilder puts Youngkin at a more modest 49% approval rating, but that 57% number sure sounds better to the Wall Street Journal. First things...
March for Life

Washington Post Promotes “Gotcha” Audio Recording Trying To Pin GOP Candidate On Abortion

Despite the Washington Post's attempts to paint him as an anti-woman radical, Republican nominee for the House of Delegates 21st District John Stirrup of...

Milton Against the Book Burners

If even the greats of the Western Canon such as John Milton can't convince those defending "good speech" over free speech, can anyone? I have...

How Much Has Inflation Really Gone Up Since 2021?

50% for food, 25% for energy -- and it was all planned. How much longer should we tolerate it? Great news, товарищ! Inflation only rose...

Threats Don’t Go Well in a Small Town

Once again, Democrats can behave like Democrats... provided Republicans don't behave like Democrats. Why is that? What are they missing?

Can Virginia Republicans Find 500,000 Votes?

Of course we can. Kentucky did it.

Virginia’s Public Education Monopoly Has a MIGHTY NEED!

...for more of your tax dollars. And it won't solve a damn thing. Just in case readers want to do a deep dive on the...

On Decency and the Gutter

For too long, the bad guys lean on the decency of the good guys as they push the boundaries. That only ends one way...