Monday, May 23, 2022

The Weak Russia Hypothesis

One really hates to keep coming back to a recurring theme in the pages of this publication regarding the mishandling of the Russian Federation...

LINGAMFELTER: Exactly! The Presumptive “Our”

Scott Lingamfelter writes about the tyranny of "our" and the immediate implication of "their".

New Bill Would Block Biden From Using Tax Dollars to Buy Crack Pipes

Despite Snopes and Facebook's fact-checking claiming otherwise, documents unveiled earlier this week show the Biden administration aims to put $30 million in...

Parents Are Clawing Back Control of Public Schools Across Virginia

The Virginia State Senate passed two bills on Wednesday that are set to give parents more control over public schools across the Commonwealth. First, the...

Biden Contemplating Rewarding Company Despite Controversy Surrounding New Chinese Facility

For years, American corporations have given a wink-and-nod to China’s abhorrent human rights violations. They claim to support women’s rights by boycotting states in the U.S. that...

Ten Virginia Senate Democrats Side With Republicans to End School Mask Mandates

Several Democrat members of the Virginia State Senate decided that they did not want to be on the wrong side of history,...

FBI Director Denies Bureau Tougher on Capitol Rioters Than Violent BLM Thugs

Despite a massive and unprecedented nationwide FBI manhunt for rioters (or anyone, violent or not) involved in the January 6 Capitol siege, not really being paralleled...

Infographic: Making Children Mask is Misguided Health Policy

Infographic below but for a pair of great conversations around masks and their futility check out our podcasts with: Ian Miller – author of...

VERNUCCIO: Lawmaker Introduces Bills Protecting Workplace Freedom

Del. Nick Freitas, R-Culpeper, has introduced a suite of bills to help protect the rights of public employees, promote union democracy and protect taxpayers.

HANER: A Regulatory Path to Repeal the RGGI Carbon Tax

The shrinking group of sensible Democrats will need to decide if Virginia can prosper in an economy tied to unreliable sources.