Sunday, December 5, 2021

RPV Accosts Democrats For Giving AG Herring Hypocritical ‘Hall Pass’

“What is the difference between Governor Northam’s blackface and AG Herring’s?" RPV Chairman Jack Wilson asks.

‘March On The Mansion’ Calls For An ‘End To Racism And Infanticide’ And Governor...

Hundreds of people have indicated they may protest at the Capitol Building in Richmond this Saturday after weeks filled with controversy from Virginia Governor Ralph Northam's support for the "infanticide bill" and racist photos.

Q1 GDP Forecast Less Than 1% Ahead Of Friday Jobs Report

While GDP may be slowing, what Americans really need are wage increases.

Northam Vetoes Two Immigration Bills, Including One That Would Ban Sanctuary Cities

Governor Ralph Northam vetoed bills set to curb the creation of sanctuary cities in Virginia and require correctional facilities officials to notify federal immigration authorities when undocumented immigrants are released from custody.

Zuckerberg’s Answer For A Better Internet: More Government Regulation

It is still quite precarious that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg would give the power of the social media leviathan over to the world's governments. Can't Facebook's creator figure out a way to regulate his own creation?

Pelosi Takes The Gloves Off; Wants To See Trump In Prison

The Democratic hard-left pins their fortunes in 2020 on impeachment.

Min Wage Hike Would Cost Millions of Jobs, VA Democrats Undeterred

Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour could put 3.7 million Americans out of work, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. That didn’t...

Falwell Praises “Respectful, Not Angry” Protesters At Liberty University

The wake of the Politico story thumping Falwell Jr. seems to be more ripple than tidal wave.

Governor Northam, Democrats Fundamentally Dishonest on Short Term Health Plans

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, even if your constituents demand it. It’s a simple lesson, but one that Governor Northam and...

CNU Wason: Biden 53, Trump 41; Redistricting Amendment Likely To Pass

Daniel Gade remains a convincing underdog against Mark Warner with 37% of voters supporting.