Sunday, December 5, 2021

Virginia Jobless Claims At 45-Year Low

As the economy continues to grow, Virginia's unemployment lines continue to shrink.

Backed By Science, VDOT Increases Speed Limits On I-64 To Improve Safety

Roadway safety decreases significantly as drivers deviate from the prevailing speed, and speed limits are increased to help decrease unsafe speed variations among the fastest and slowest drivers.

TSA’s Quiet Skies Security Program Watching You Very, Very Closely

If you're travelling though an airport and you think you're being watched it's probably because you've been flagged in the TSA's broad security program Quiet Skies.

Sex Trafficking Legislation Large Part Of GOP’s Pledge Keeping Communities Safe

Measures to mitigate human and sex trafficking were a large part of the Republican Party's agenda in the 2019 legislative session in Richmond, which included other bills to enhance the criminal justice system.

Interstate 81, Economy, Healthcare Top Topics For Candidates Running In 8th Virginia House District

After the retirement of Delegate Greg Habeeb, residents in the greater Roanoke area will choose a new state legislator on November 6. Republican Joe McNamara and Democrat Carter Turner have two very different philosophies about the role of government.

Governor Removes Democratic Activist From Pharmacy Board After Misusing Credentials At Pipeline Protest

A Democratic activist finds out the hard way that you can't just namedrop state officials when gaining access to a closed site for a protest.

Brenda Pogge Announces Retirement From House Of Delegates After 12 Years

Remaining committed to her belief in term limits, Delegate Brenda Pogge (R-James City) announced Friday that she will not run for reelection in 2019.

Don Beyer Withdraws Partisan Impeachment Wishes, May Realize The Consequences Of Failure

It is quite possible that elected Democrats have now realized the consequences of removing President Trump from office. If they lose, they face ending their careers. If they succeed, they get, arguably, the most conservative man in elected U.S. politics.

Congressional Leaders Demand Answers From Loudoun County Superintendent

GOP leaders are demanding answers from Loundoun County Public Schools (LCPS) today. Their calls follow LCPS' self-acknowledged failure to provide a safe...

Mass Shootings: Where Virginia Stands

Just over two months ago, a city worker in Virginia Beach methodically slaughtered 15 of his coworkers and a member of the public in...