Wednesday, June 26, 2019

WaPo: Racist LVF Northam Ad Backfires In Private Memo

No word on whether or not Northam will either repudiate the ad or return the $16,000 in donations his campaign received from LVF PAC.

Progressive Group Obtains Private Student Information From VCU, Radford And Virginia Tech

About 30,000 e-mail names were swiped by progressive group Next Gen, according to press reports.

What beliefs are we instilling in our children with this ad?

What beliefs are we instilling in our children that see this ad? It's time all Virginians rose up against these extreme fear-mongering tactics in...

WaPo Poll Numbers Crater For Northam As Blowback From Racist Ad Continues

This comes after VPAP reports that both Northam and Gillespie are tied for cash-on-hand in the closing week of the November campaign.

George Soros Pours Hate Into Virginia Politics

The outside group -- Latino Victory Fund PAC -- donated $16,000 to Northam's campaign after a fundraiser earlier this year. 

Muller Probe Produces Indicment Against Manafort; Nothing on Trump

There is literally nothing here.  

Not In Our America, Ralph

To lump every conservative and every Republican as a Citronella Nazi looking to round up brown people?  It's not just offensive, it's obscene.

Washington Post Decries “Gutter Tactics” and Then Uses Them

I've never seen a newspaper criticize a candidate for tactics in one paragraph and then go directly into using the exact same tactics they decry.

The Washington Post No Longer Shocks; They Merely Disappoint

Lack of civility -- or lack of objectivity -- starts and stops with institutions who claim to be beacons of both yet trade upon them for influence and power.