Wednesday, August 21, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Stewart Endorses Gillespie (Back In June)

Maybe it's news to the Washington Post... but this already happened.

California Dreaming; Democratic Scheming in VA-10

Whether it's terrible Top Gun ads, parachuting in California Dems to run, or waffling on the primary -- 10th District Democrats just can't help themselves.

BREAKING: JLARC Passes Resolution To Investigate Office of the Attorney General

Democratic AG Mark Herring finds himself on the wrong side of an audit, while Adams continues to run a campaign that could only be termed as heroic.

So Is McAuliffe Going To Reschedule That Meeting With Law Enforcement?

Embattled Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ralph Northam refuses to call on McAuliffe to fix the problem... another meeting missed.

Washington Post: Gillespie Beat Northam Like A Rented Mule

In a debate where the media has now universally panned the contest of ideas as 3-0 to Gillespie?  Northam's low-energy performance might be the last straw.

Ress: Ideas On Why The CNU Poll Might Be Wrong

...and the Washington Post poll showing Northam +13? Short reason might be that Republicans are tired of being complicit in misleading polls.

Left Labels NRA a Terrorist Group, Ignoring Democrats’ Own Questionable Ties

Links among the political left with the Muslim Brotherhood abound, which is why labeling pro-2A groups such as the NRA as 'terrorists' seem a bit misplaced.

The Moment Gillespie KO’d Ralph Northam

Northam literally looked down at the camera the entire night, sounding put-off and as if there was someplace else he would rather be...

CNU Wason Polls D+11; Magically Discovers Northam With +7 Lead?

With D+11 poll, Northam does +7 -- not exactly resounding when the 30% of the poll consists of graduate-level degrees and 65% make over $100K a year.

What Does This Snowball Have That Ralph Northam Doesn’t?

...a chance of actually winning this debate against Ed Gillespie.