Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Northam Begins To Burn Cash As Gillespie Gets Boost From AFP

That AFP is dropping cash into a battlefield seat to tip those scales is yet another sign that Republicans see something Democrats don't.

Quinnipiac Has To Move The Goalposts D+12 To Breathe Life Into Northam

Forget thumbs -- a whole hand has to be placed on the scale in order for Northam to measure up against Gillespie.

Temporary Means Permanent: Nelson County Covers Up “Keep God’s Commandments” In Historic Courthouse

As secular beliefs continue to trump sacred ones in the public square, let's not pretend that a "temporary" blind will not convert into a permanent one.

Democratic Operative Given 100 Days In Voter Fraud Case

Federal prison is the endgame for a Democratic operative found guilty of 18 separate instances of voter registration fraud.

More Problems Than Assurances For Paper-Thin Northam Campaign

While the left-wing media takes delight in a two-week old poll, the underlying numbers demonstrate more cause for concern than assurances for Northam.

Soda Costs More Than Beer, Thanks to Philly Tax

I've always said Democrat tax policies will drive people to drink.

WaPo: Virginia Universities Rush Collection Fees For Tuition

...and there's $2.3 billion reasons in the University of Virginia "slush fund" a more compassionate approach is the right thing to do.

Everything But BS: Health Insurance and Government Over Regulation

If you want to cut right through the fog?  This looks like a promising start.

Cobb: Why is Planned Parenthood so Afraid?

The abortion industry is terrified that more women are choosing to keep their babies, and is frantic for people like Ralph Northam to keep them in business. 

Laquan Austion Clearly Scares The Hell Out Of Democrats

Democratic operatives filing and fueling a media-driven hit piece only reveals the embedded racism still haunting Democrats in the post-Byrd Machine era