Friday, October 23, 2020

45,000 Boy Scouts Rave Over President Trump’s Speech

These young men are going to go back home remembering this event, and remembering that they were not alone in their support of the president.

Why Theology Matters

Theology matters because it recognizes that there is ultimity and universality.

Daily Press Editorial Slams Woodruff Debate Question on Russia

Of course, Gillespie's call for 10 debates would help explore the issues the Daily Press editors are keen to get at... if Northam's handlers would allow it.

Every American Needs To Watch McCain’s Senate Speech

U.S. Senator John McCain: "Merely preventing your political opponents from doing what they want isn’t the most inspiring work."

Panic At DPVA As Washington Takes Over Northam Campaign?

Short version: DNC is treating the Northam campaign as a four-alarm fire at the moment as they pour senior staff into Virginia.

Democrat Division Against Northam Escalates

There is an underreported story regarding the fallout from Saturday's debates, and it's pretty simple to ferret out: Ralph Northam has a base problem.

Democrats’ “Better Deal” Is Nothing New

Talk about Russian collusion!  There's more Russian (or Soviet, to be specific) collusion in these ideas than with anyone from Trump's presidential campaign.

SHOCK POLL: Monmouth Shows Gillespie, Northam Tied at 44

So much for the myth of an 8 point race...

BREAKING: Charlie Guard’s Parents End The Legal Fight To Save His Life

Sad reports this morning as the parents of Charlie Gard have exhausted all legal measures, it now being too late for experimental treatment.

Trump’s Weekend Twitter Poll

That's a clear message - Trump supporters want Republicans they elected to support the President.