Tuesday, June 28, 2022
general assembly

Speaker Cox Releases Statement On General Assembly Special Session

Lawmakers have made their way back to Richmond for the General Assembly's special session to discuss and vote on the final two-year state budget.

Trump Signs EO Imposing Work Requirements On Public Assistance Recipients

As unemployment rates are near record-lows, President Donald Trump has signed an executive order imposing work requirements on public assistance recipients.

Delegates O’Quinn, Pillion Investigate Safety In Southwest Virginia Schools

As members of the Select Committee on School Safety tour Virginia, Delegates O'Quinn and Pillion investigate safety measures in Southwest Virginia schools.

Northam: Banning Virginia Sanctuary Cities “Unnecessary”

After he supported it during his 2017 gubernatorial campaign, Ralph Northam has vetoed a bill that would ban sanctuary cities in Virginia.

10 Questions For Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Following the Cambridge Analytica gaining access to at least 87 user million profiles, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify Tuesday before Congress.

California Legislature Considers Free Speech-Killing Measure

California Democrats have shown the public that they are unabashedly intolerant of opposing view points with their new legislation to kill free speech.

VA Man Threatens Goodlatte With Gun Also Supports Anti-NRA Democrat

A Virginia man arrested for threatening to kill Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte with a gun also supports an anti-NRA Democrat.
dominion energy

Virginia Becoming The Industry Leader In Solar Energy Production

As solar energy production becomes a bigger part of the U.S. energy infrastructure, Virginia has emerged as one of its leaders.

BREAKING: House Speaker Paul Ryan Will Not Seek Re-Election

Ahead of a contentious 2018 midterm election season, Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will not seek re-election.

Assad’s Syria Gas Attack Causes Precarious Bipartisan Agreement

Everyone says Assad must go after the latest chemical weapons attack in Syria; however, the bipartisan agreement on this is a bit precarious.