Monday, May 23, 2022

GOP Messaging Captures Political Violence From Democrats As Generic Ballot Evens

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who has come back into the spotlight recently, said this week that “civility can start again” after Democrats retake the majority in either House or Senate in next month’s elections. Republicans are now using this message and many others like it to keep the majority.

EXCLUSIVE: Stewart Endorses Gillespie (Back In June)

Maybe it's news to the Washington Post... but this already happened.

Unvaccinated Teacher Facing Death Sentence After Being Kicked Off Transplant List

Shamgar Connors, a 42-year-old middle school teacher from Stafford, has waited for a kidney for three long years. Suffering with stage five Chronic Kidney Disease,...

CDC Spied on 20 Million Cell Phones in National COVID Surveillance Program

Newly-released documents show that the CDC used data from tens of millions of Americans’ cell phones to monitor compliance with lockdown protocols. The CDC purchased the location...

Northam Couldn’t Condemn LVF Ad (Because He Was Behind It)

Northams refusal to condemn the LVF hate ads or return the $16,000 he obtained from the Soros-funded group is simple -- it is because Northam was behind it.

Trump Approval Ratings At 46% After Successful Asia-Pacific Tour

News of a rising economy and successful tour of the Asia-Pacific region give President Trump a slight bump in his approval ratings, according to Rasmussen.

Bill Lifting Virginia Ban On Firearms In Church To Be Considered In Legislative Session

"Existing Virginia law is ambiguous about the use of firearms on church property," Senator Dick Black (R-Loudoun) said, adding that he "would like to clarify that."

Multiple School Districts Sue Youngkin

Seven school districts across the Commonwealth are suing the Youngkin administration. The purpose of the lawsuit is to block the implementation of Gov. Youngkin's executive...

American Manufacturing Boom Continues As Confrontations With China Loom

Whether the manufacturing jobs boom seen under President Trump in his first 21 months in office will continue is now largely dependent on the administration’s handling of China, which currently has a quarter of a trillion dollars in duties levied on its products.

Schilling: Anarchists Encourage Monticello HS Football Players To Take a Knee

Solidarity C'ville is bullying students into "taking a knee" for Friday night football, taking exception with Monticello HS's commitment to free speech.