Sunday, September 19, 2021

Mountain Valley Pipeline Stopped In WV After Appeals Court Vacates Yet Another Permit

The U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the Nationwide Permit 12 (NWP) that applied to approximately 500 streams and wetlands to be crossed by the Mountain Valley Pipeline in southern West Virginia. The court wrote, “If any part of a project requires an individual permit, then the NWP does not apply and all portions of the project must be evaluated as part of the individual permit process." The sites must now be stabilized.

UPDATE: Toronto Tears Down $550 Staircase, Pledges To Rebuild For $10,000

For a staircase that originally billed to be $65,000? A cost reduction to the much more reasonable price tag of $10,000 is a win for the taxpayer indeed. 

State Taxes Due May 1, Refunds Coming In October After GOP-Led Tax Relief

By conforming Virginia tax law to the recently-altered federal law, Virginians should be able to file their state taxes without complications by next Wednesday.

Scott Taylor Says Any Deal With North Korea Must Go Through Senate

As President Donald Trump is set to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un in Singapore, Congressman Scott Taylor says a deal that is good for America must be ratified by the Senate.

Why Theology Matters

Theology matters because it recognizes that there is ultimity and universality.

Tomorrow’s 24th House District Election Will Decide Who Succeeds Ben Cline

On December 18, voters in the 24th House District will choose between Republican Rockbridge County Supervisor Ronnie Campbell and Democratic political activist Christian Worth.

Biden To Babies In Texas: Drop Dead

US Justice Department is feverishly working towards a legal challenge that will enable the killing to continue.

BREAKING: Lee Ware Endorses Pete Snyder For Governor

Ware's endorsement solidifies a trifecta conservative endorsements that are surprising in some ways, but similar in many others.

Trump Signs $700bn NDAA Bill

Perhaps more directly, the NDAA authorizes the construction of more Virginia-class submarines, the replacement for the Los Angeles-class submarine.

Democrats Torn On Carter’s Bill To Repeal Right To Work

Cox's call for gubernatorial candidates to respond clearly on this issue seems to have fallen on deaf ears amongst Democrats hungry for union support.