Saturday, September 18, 2021

Stafford Progressives Threaten Violence, “Civil War” Over Flag

Violence -- or the threat of violence -- is something that the political left has mainstreamed and virtually monopolized for decades.  It has to stop.

Cobb: Why is Planned Parenthood so Afraid?

The abortion industry is terrified that more women are choosing to keep their babies, and is frantic for people like Ralph Northam to keep them in business. 

Virginia Tech Leans On IDAs For Projects… Dare We Call It Socialism?

What does not serve Virginia localities well is a process where local elected officials begin to pick winners and losers -- crony capitalism at its worst.

Study Indicates “Fake News” Held Little Sway Over 2016 Electorate

Fake news accounted for 2.6% of all the information consumed by 1 in 4 Americans -- suggesting the legacy media has more to answer for than they'd prefer.

Economic Darwin Award for DC Leaders

Pro-robot minimum wage hikes will only increase unemployment for the working class.

RGGI: The Stealth Carbon Tax You’ve Never Heard Of

RGGI; it’s something that Democrats are going to love to talk about come time for the General Assembly session, but something that only a...

Northern Virginia To New York City, Amazon’s HQ2 Split Between Two Cities

"This project will not only create thousands of new, high-paying jobs in Virginia, but it will also source a large portion of those new employees from our very own in-state talent."

AUDIO: Virginia Democrats Ignore “Fast and Furious” Scandal Amidst Holder Fundraiser

Dump Comstock folks really don't want to talk about Fast and Furious... but they are more than happy to take money from the architect of the scandal.

Bill Lifting Virginia Ban On Firearms In Church To Be Considered In Legislative Session

"Existing Virginia law is ambiguous about the use of firearms on church property," Senator Dick Black (R-Loudoun) said, adding that he "would like to clarify that."

Trump Numbers Dip As Senate Fails To Pass Obamacare

Despite a momentary dip, Trump remains is far stronger than the Democratic narrative would care to position the president.