Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Pedal Faster, Comrade: The Virginia Green New Deal is Coming

It didn’t make many headlines, but a remarkable thing happened in Virginia politics last weekend. The Democrat Party of Virginia voted unanimously to endorse the...

Jennifer Wexton Cozies Up To #MeToo Denier Billionaire Michael Bloomberg

If Jennifer Wexton wishes to support those who "so clearly need a champion fighting for them," survivors of sexual abuse and harassment, shouldn't she back away from someone who denies #Metoo claims? Or, will she just take the money and run like she did with the Metro labor union?

In October 2020, Virginians Must Have Security-Enhanced Driver’s License To Fly Domestically

Although it has taken over a decade to come full circle, starting in October 2020, all Virginians must have a new security-enhanced driver's license to fly domestically.

Experts Find Chinese Communist Party Working To Influence U.S. Institutions

Considering the People's Republic of China is attempting to influence the feelings of Western society into acknowledging that Beijing's woeful civil rights violations and new brand of imperialism is "ok," per a study of experts on China, it should be a wake up call to all Americans. 

Taylor Believes A Deal Can Be Made On Border Security, DACA

As the White House pushes for immigration reform and funding for border security, Congressman Scott Taylor believes a deal can be made on DACA.

Northam’s Education Plan Gets The Slow-Clap Treatment on Twitter

What happens when you roll out an education plan, and no one cares?

DOJ Indicts 12 Russian Military Officers Of Hacking Democrats In 2016 Election

The Department of Justice issues indictment against 12 Russian military officers in hacking emails from DNC and Clinton campaign during 2016 presidential election.

General Assembly May Look To Shed Light On Subcommittee Hearings

Following the viral video of Delegate Kathy Tran explaining her late-term abortion bill, the fight has been renewed for the General Assembly to record and archive all subcommittee hearings.

The Odd Democratic Gambit For 50-49

The Virginia House of Delegates hangs on a thread, and yet the Democrats are trying to win HOD-94 in a courtroom rather than proceed with a recount.

YANCEY: The Surprising Ways Both Parties Agree on Redistricting Maps

Clever on both sides, to be sure.  Which one is more representative of the values of a community of interest over time?   Who knows...