Thursday, August 11, 2022

Suffolk University: Gillespie 40%, Northam 40%

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie steals a march on embattled Democrat Ralph Northam in the latest D+3 Suffolk University poll.

Democrat Cheryl Turpin Is Running For An Office That Doesn’t Exist

Turpin's first mailing arrived in Virginia Beach, and her spiffy new logo clearly states she is running for “85 District Virginia House of Representatives”.

Every American Needs To Watch McCain’s Senate Speech

U.S. Senator John McCain: "Merely preventing your political opponents from doing what they want isn’t the most inspiring work."

Miyars Takes Over Criminal Case After Judge Boots Liberal DA Off

Miyares has taken the lead after a Loudoun County judge removed the county’s liberal Commonwealth’s Attorney Office from a serial burglary case for "deliberately...

Youngkin Urges College Presidents to Reverse their Tuition Hikes

In an attempt to lower the cost of higher education in Virginia, Governor Youngkin's administration is urging college presidents in the state to hold...

Virginia Tech Leans On IDAs For Projects… Dare We Call It Socialism?

What does not serve Virginia localities well is a process where local elected officials begin to pick winners and losers -- crony capitalism at its worst.

Virginia Hunters Can Now Purchase Trip Hunting Licenses, But Still Not Allowed To Bag...

Although hunters can't bag and tag the growing elk population in Southwest Virginia just yet, residents can now purchase short-term trip hunting licenses that were only provided to non-residents.

AG Miyares Rails Against Attacks On Pregnancy Centers In New Documentary

A new documentary about Pro-life pregnancy centers produced by the Heritage Foundation highlights the violence that these centers endured as they were targeted by...

CNU Wason: Biden 53, Trump 41; Redistricting Amendment Likely To Pass

Daniel Gade remains a convincing underdog against Mark Warner with 37% of voters supporting.

Red Herring Seeks Third Term

Staring down his own blackface scandal, Mark "Red" Herring seeks to sooth progressive voters that he gets it on being racist.