Sunday, December 5, 2021

Speaker Kirk Cox Endorses Coward Over Adams In HOD-68

“Garrison brings a fresh conservative perspective to our party, and will run a robust campaign, centered around ideas, that will solve the challenges individuals and families in our Commonwealth face," Speaker Cox said.

GOP’s Billion Dollar Tax Reform Package Passed By VA General Assembly

Both bills were approved as “emergency” legislation, meaning their provisions will become effective as soon as they are signed by the governor. 

What Does Former Fairfax CM Zakiya Thomas Know That We Don’t Know?

Under any other conditions?  We would be asking these questions (tough as they are) of a campaign manager... yet in this instance, we are not.  Why?

Richmond’s ‘Day Of Mourning’ To Show Solidarity Against Gov. Northam’s ‘Infanticide’ Comments

After 4,000 were present at the event in Albany, New York, just weeks ago, thousands are expected to be in attendance in Richmond, Virginia, to “stand in solidarity with the unborn and mourn over the sin of abortion.”

Age Cap On Healthcare Coverage For Virginians With Autism Spectrum Disorder Lifted

Approximately 10,000 Virginians with autism will now have increased access to healthcare coverage, regardless of their age.

Huffstetler Brings Oddly-Changing Southern Drawl Back To VA-5 For 2020 Campaign

Surely, voters in VA-5 won't have their biscuits buttered just by a candidate chewin' the fat over choppin' wood, feedin' cows, and "thangs" that "Mama" always said, especially when that may not be as authentic as one is led to believe. 

House Democrats Blocking Hearings to Protect Preferred 2021 Nominee?

If nothing else, the timing is certainly suspect. Just days after House Democrats once again blocked a bipartisan hearing into the sexual assault allegations against...

FALSE: PolitiFact Blows Up Major Democrat Campaign Talking Point

It’s not often that a major Democrat line off attack gets exploded by the media, particularly a month out from an election. But that’s exactly...

Second Amendment Sanctuaries Protect Rights We Already Have

Truth of the matter is, Virginia is already a 2A sanctuary.  Just ask Patrick Henry and James Madison.