Sunday, December 5, 2021

Free Markets Begin To Turn Against Universities

Politicizing the matter will not help as students will eventually choose to do something profitable rather than enlist in the ranks of the fleeced.

How Many Times Does The WaPo Have To Get Burned On Anonymous Sources?

Anonymous sources don't always operate within the boundaries of honesty.  Once is happenstance; twice, coincidence.  But three bad stories on flimsy evidence?

FACTCHECK: Secretary Mattis Killed The Transgender Bill

The Defense Department asked for the six month review process to follow through to prevent a July 1 deadline to allow transgenders to openly serve.
NEA Screen Shot

NEA Goes All-In on Critical Race Theory

If there was any doubt, it’s gone now. Critical Race Theory is in our schools, and it is being pushed by the...

White House Courting Democrat Jim Webb For Defense Secretary

Webb, a Reagan-era Navy secretary and former Democratic Virginia senator, would be the second presidential hopeful from the Commonwealth to join the Trump Administration. 

Do VA Dems Know Something About Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax?

"All allegations of sexual assault deserve to be taken with profound gravity. We will continue to evaluate the claims regarding Lieutenant Governor Fairfax," a press release states.

Spotted Lanternfly May Wreak Havoc On Virginians

There is a new enemy waging war on Christmas. No, it has nothing to do with nuanced holiday greetings and decorations turning into divisive political statements.

Comstock Works To Secure $25 Million Grant For Loudoun County Transit

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock works hard to secure a $25 million federal TIGER grant for Loudoun County transportation infrastructure.

Schumer Revokes Trump Border Wall Offer, But There Never Was One

The $1.6 billion offer for President Trump's border wall were reported to have been revoked by Senator Schumer. However, there never was an offer.

Experts Find Chinese Communist Party Working To Influence U.S. Institutions

Considering the People's Republic of China is attempting to influence the feelings of Western society into acknowledging that Beijing's woeful civil rights violations and new brand of imperialism is "ok," per a study of experts on China, it should be a wake up call to all Americans.