Monday, October 3, 2022

Kirk Cox Remains Committed To The Business Of Governing Virginia

Amid the racial and sexual controversy surrounding Virginia's executive branch, Speaker of the House Kirk Cox said, "We have weathered the storms of four centuries and will weather this one as well."

Local Dem Chair Airs Frustration With Northam’s Lackluster Campaign

Not just content to dodge debates, beleaguered Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ralph Northam is declining to appear at the traditional Buena Vista Parade.

House Republicans Set To Kill Off Every Gun Control Bill From Democrats

When Republicans announced that gun control legislation from Democrats was "dead on arrival" in the 2019 General Assembly session, they were serious, very serious.

Left-Wing Activists Dream Of Closing One-Third Of U.S. Coal Plants By 2020

How dare you support "dirty coal," says Nancy Pelosi and Michael Bloomberg. Look at the great work those roiling successes like Solyndra, Abound Solar, First Solar, and A123 Systems did. Closing 500 coal plants - what could possibly go wrong?

Democratic Bill Gives Food Stamps to Drug Dealers, Felons who Skip Treatment

Convicted drug dealers, as well as certain addicts who skip their court-ordered treatment, would qualify for food stamps under the terms of the bill.

Delegate Steve Landes Plans To Retire From House, Run For Circuit Court Clerk

At a press conference this afternoon, Republican Delegate Steve Landes is set to announce his retirement from the Virginia legislature and announce his candidacy for the Augusta County Circuit Court Clerk.

New Va Law Bans Accepting Private Grant Money After Zuckerberg Scandal

Governor Youngkin has signed a bill into law that will put a stop to nonprofits donating these funds with a political agenda. As reported by...

QUAYLE: Health Plan Compromise Will Work For Virginia

Former State Senator Quayle: "The House compromise requires both sides to be flexible. It isn’t a slam dunk for either side."

New Census Update Gives Republicans Great Chance to Reclaim Virginia’s General Assembly

Good news has been hard to come by for Virginia Republicans in recent weeks. With Democrats running state government, the news always seems to...

Northam Didn’t Get The Message

If NY Governor Andrew Cuomo can spot the difference, surely Ralph Northam can do a better job moving forward.