Tuesday, January 25, 2022

North Korea Readies For War; US-Chinese Relations Set To Worsen

In the short-term, there remains a great deal of elasticity between the United States and China that will offer the latitude for relations to worsen considerable.

Panic Spreads From Northam To Herring; Adams Just Smiles Back

So it's personal after all for Herring.  

Richmond Statue Removal Will Cost $3 Million In Tax Revenue

Destroying Confederate memorials would cost the City of Richmond $3 million in property tax revenue, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Gov. McAuliffe Slams Trump Pardon But Calls for Reconciliation?

Isn't a "time for reconciliation" the perfect time to issue a pardon?

Time To Start Talking About The Democratic Civil War Over The Atlantic Coast Pipeline

One thing is for sure.  Papering over the canyon that separates progressives and liberals in Virginia doesn't do the public discourse any good.  

Herring Weaponizes The Office of Attorney General; Exemplifies Conservative Concerns About Progressives

Herring has now shifted the conversation away from Confederate memorials and towards Democratic abuse of office in pursuit of a narrow political agenda.

Northam’s $15 Minimum Wage Great News For Robots

Even with a $15 hourly wage, those jobs will be reserved for a handful, with the majority of skilled workers dropped on the wrong side of Moore's Law.

UVA Students Target Thomas Jefferson As “Emblem of White Supremacy”

Students at the University of Virginia issue a list of ten "demands" that target Thomas Jefferson as an emblem of white supremacy.

Democrat Crashes Private Event; Whines To Media When She Is Turned Away

In other news, water is wet; grass is green; Central Virginia Democrats are really bad at manufacturing news.

SOLID: Gillespie Brings Things Back To Center In Must-See Ad

Great to see Gillespie hammer home what this election is really about: jobs, the economy, and an equal opportunity for all Virginians.