Saturday, May 28, 2022

Ask Delegate Lopez About His Day

Kudos to Lopez for standing firm for the rule of law and deporting illegal immigrants caught by ICE... albeit for a paycheck. 

Comstock’s Leadership Against Sexual Harassment Has Unusual Enemies

Representative Barbara Comstock's critics -- both left and right -- are not only way off base, but off their facts (and potentially off their meds).

BREAKING: RPV Files FEC Complaint Over Wexton “Dirty Money” in VA-10

No longer a one-off, the Republican Party of Virginia has filed an FEC complaint regarding State Senator Jennifer Wexton's campaign financing habits.

Confirming What We Already Knew, The House of Delegates Stands at 51-49

This story has become interminably boring.

NAJJAR: My Smith and Wesson Baseball Cap Isn’t Offensive Speech

Should a baseball cap subject a student to a search and a dressing down from Virginia public high school administrators? Elizabeth Najjar disagrees.

Roger Scruton on Conservatism and the Environment

Roger Scruton's thoughts on how conservatism is at its finest when it is closest to the earth -- idyllic indeed, if only because it remains an ideal.

Is Jennifer Wexton Violating Federal Election Law?

This is why state elected officials suspend their state campaign accounts when they run for federal office. 

Free Markets Begin To Turn Against Universities

Politicizing the matter will not help as students will eventually choose to do something profitable rather than enlist in the ranks of the fleeced.

The Hill: Poland Secures Five-Year Natural Gas Import Deal

As the contest between Russia and Europe deepens, Eastern Europe will search for alternatives that might very well lurk off of Virginia's coast.

The Right Thing, Morally and Politically

There is an obvious temptation to value a Senate seat above our moral standards failings of a candidate. But you know what they say about temptation…