Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Richmond’s Violent Crime Addressed by Mayor Stoney, Police Chief Durham

The City of Richmond saw a slight increase in violent crime in 2017. Mayor Stoney and Police Chief Durham are set to improve the city's response.

Washington Post Decries “Gutter Tactics” and Then Uses Them

I've never seen a newspaper criticize a candidate for tactics in one paragraph and then go directly into using the exact same tactics they decry.

Youngkin Proposes Amendments to Alleviate Gas Prices

Youngkin has proposed amendments to the Virginia state budget, with several attempting to help Virginians where they're really being hit right now; the gas...

Newport News Shipyard Rescinds Vaccine Mandate

Newport News Shipbuilding employees facing termination for not getting the COVID vaccine no longer have to worry about their job security. The development follows a...

Higgins: Who Is Paying For Anti-Gillespie Polls on Facebook?

More revealing though is the utter contempt Democrats hold for conservatives voters.  Does anyone think this would actually work?

Barbara Comstock’s Challenger Apparently Believes MS-13 Is Not A Problem

Comstock challenger Jennifer Wexton seems to believe that working to fight against MS-13 and violence from transnational gangs is racist, but instead proves she is out of touch with reality.

Senate Minority Leader Saslaw Kills Washington Commanders Stadium Negotiations After Defensive Coordinator Jack Del...

A bill to create an incentive to bring the Washington Commanders NFL team to Virginia is dead after months of accumulating concerns over tax...

Senators Tim Kaine And Mark Warner Say Judge Kavanaugh’s FBI Investigation Will Not Change...

The war between Democrats and Republicans have made a position in the federal government which should be solely non-political, a very political, possibly even ideological seat, with the qualifications being based not on interpretation of Supreme Court precedence, but an adherence to the victim versus oppressor ideology.

WILSON: Democrats Didn’t Win, They Bought The Election in Virginia

Virginia Republicans need to take the fight to the Democrats in 2020 and prove we can come to our own rescue, writes Wilson.

Taylor Asks POTUS To Expand Pell Grants To Vocational Training

In a letter sent to President Trump by Republican Congressman Scott Taylor (VA-2), Pell Grants should be used to, "Invest in the American people."