Saturday, December 9, 2023

VHHA to Sunset COVID-19 Hospitalization Data Dashboard

With the federal emergency over, VHHA is winding down its popular COVID dashboard.

Former Virginia Governor Recovering After Devastating Fire

Former Gov. and Sen. Chuck Robb (D-Va.) is recovering in hospital along with his wife after the couple's Northern Virginia mansion caught fire. Robb's wife...

Northam Continues To Feel Like Bailout; Gillespie a Serious Investment

Two reasons for confidence? $47 million in the RNC warchest; RGA ready to invest more while Northam's donors look to "drag him" across the finish line.

Virginia Democrat Attempt To Justify (Illegal?) Text Message Spam

Can we think of any other political ideologies who thought they could override process on principle in order to effect social change?

Gunshot Fired at Attorney General Miyares’s Office

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares is widely considered a rising star within the Republican Party. Since being sworn into office in January, he’s received a wave of good...

Virginia Employment Commission Agrees to Pay $200,000 in Legal Fees After End of Lawsuit...

The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) has agreed to pay $200,000 in legal fees to organizations that led a 2021 lawsuit over delays in employment...

Northam Vetoes GOP Bills Making Healthcare More Productive

Governor Ralph Northam vetoed four GOP bills that he claims would "undermine" Virginia's health insurance marketplace and raise the cost of care for everyone. Ironically, this is the same problem that Republican senators say their proposals were set to fix.

Adams Receives Endorsement From Virginia Police Benevolent Association

Most significant? The Virginia PBA endorsed Herring over Cuccinelli in 2013 -- a sea change in a Virginia environment supposedly leaning the Democrats way.

Governor Northam Vetoes Legislation Creating School Protection Officers

Northam said the bill would "not serve to make Virginia's students and schools safer," but it could have provided for a less expensive approach to bolstering security in elementary schools.

Tim Kaine Touts Trump’s Economic Argument For Campaign Kickoff

Senator Tim Kaine kicked off his 2018 campaign claiming he needs to win the "economic argument" and takes a page out of Trump's playbook.