Comstock Defines Race In VA-10 With Hard Hitting TV Ad

The choice is clear for the midterm election in Virginia's Tenth Congressional District: Resistance or Results.


The campaign to re-elect Republican Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (VA-10) has released their first TV ad for the 2018 midterms. The ad is centered on a straight comparison between the Democratic nominee, State Senator Jennifer “I am a tax and spend liberal” Wexton (D-Loudoun), and the pragmatic and conservative Comstock.

The ad opens touting Comstock’s legislative work to ensure that taxes are lowered and jobs are created to help her Northern Virginia constituents through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – which has led to, among many strong economic indicators, record-low unemployment, robust growth in the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP), and increased consumer confidence. On the other hand, Wexton’s plan for an “across the board” tax raise on 90 percent of Americans is exposed as she frequently proclaims that she would vote to rollback the federal tax overhaul if elected to Congress.

Moreover, with Wexton at the helm, the child tax credit will be slashed in half, and overall she pledges to raise taxes on families in the Northern Virginia area by an average of $2,400.

Of course, this is no surprise to her supporters as Wexton has been committed to raising taxes at every opportunity she has had during her career in the Virginia State Senate. The Fairfax legislator supported over 30 – yes, 30 – state tax increases. In the Democrat primary she famously described herself as “a tax and spend liberal” who was “loathe” to cut spending.

The Virginia Progressive Legislative Alert Network (VAPLAN) has voted Wexton has the “most progressive” legislator in the Commonwealth with a perfect “scorecard” for her voting record in the 2018 General Assembly session for liberal policies.

The ad says that voters in Northern Virginia should “choose a fighter for Virginia.” Comstock has repeatedly won the congressional district during times of national Democratic waves. The Republican incumbent has been victorious even though the district has drifted to the left because Comstock knows that “all politics is local,” and she does not adhere to national trends like Wexton does, who has been dubbed as the “Resistance Candidate.”

Comstock has fought successfully for tax cuts, jobs programs, education initiatives, funding for task forces dedicated to apprehending gangs such as MS-13, solutions to the area’s opioid epidemic, and rooting out sexual harassment in Washington.

As the ad says: “The choice is clear.” For the congressional district’s constituents, that could not be more true.