This weekend, a group of anti-Second Amendment protesters led by gun control advocate David Hogg with the March for Lives group gathered outside of the Fairfax, Virginia, headquarters of the National Rifle Association (NRA). Hogg, who has shouted against anything dealing with firearms or the right to own them, apparently does not heed his own demands as he was protected at the event by a contingent of armed security guards.

Following this development, the NRA decided to show the public the hypocrisy behind Hogg’s alleged opposition to guns. They tweeted out this photo showing his own armed entourage ferrying him around:

“Today, @davidhogg111 (with armed security) and a bunch of gun-grabbing activists protested our empty HQ, and there were some interesting people there. Our social team chatted up the crowd and ended the day with ice cream paid for by @Everytown! Stay tuned for video interviews!”

In an attempt to ridicule a band of counter-protesters touting pro-Second Amendment sentiment, the former student undermined his own message.

The NRA also noted that in attendance were “interesting” people, one of whom was Therese Okoumou, whom Hogg called one of his “biggest inspirations,” according to The American Mirror.

During the weekend protests in the Northern Virginia area, Okoumou, a Congo native, appeared in neighboring Alexandria to spout hate against not just conservatives, but Americans all together. In a now-deleted video from Twitter, she denounced Americans as “drug addicts” and “KKK.”

Reportedly, even her presumed lawyer standing beside her while she was speaking seemed visibly concerned by her rhetoric.

“America, you mother*******! You drug addicts! You KKK! You fascist USA!” Okoumou yelled.

As the activists travel the country on their 60-day, 20-state, 75-stop summer bus tour to register young people to vote and to promote gun law reform, the students are calling for “universal, comprehensive background checks; creating a searchable database for gun owners; funding the Centers for Disease Control to research gun violence…and banning high-capacity magazines and semi-automatic assault rifles,” according to a report from Axios.

The group also wishes to have one-on-one conversations with people. But, let’s be honest with ourselves – they don’t want to have one-on-one conversations unless they agree with the March for Lives aggregate. This isn’t about “opening a dialogue” or “changing hearts and minds,” but about ushering in a change in American culture spurred on by resistance for resistance sake.