Immigration and Customs Enforcement should not only be abolished, but its leadership should be “prosecuted” for their “reign of terror,” according to a Democrat member of the House of Delegates.

Del. Lee Carter, D-Manassas, representing a Northern Virginia district home to thousands of Federal employees — including some who work for ICE — said on Twitter this week that it was time for the Federal immigration agency to be wound down.

Carter made his comments in connection to a raid of a Mississippi poultry processing plant that saw more than 600 illegal immigrants arrested.

The raid, according to Carter, wasn’t just law enforcement. Rather, it was retribution for employees at the plant winning a discrimination lawsuit against their employer.

“This isn’t a coincidence,” Carter wrote. “Many companies call ICE in for a raid as a form of collective punishment after the workers stand up for their rights.”

The solution, according to Carter, is to abolish the agency and prosecute its leadership. Carter did not specify what alleged crimes for which ICE’s leadership would be called to answer.

“ICE’s reign of terror must end. Abolish it. Prosecute the leadership,” he write.

The abolition of ICE has been a major talking point for far-left Democrats for years, most recently adopted by failed 5th District House Candidate Leslie Cockburn.