Democrats are starting to discover that the Washington media narrative simply isn’t playing out back home, as state candidates and Democratic elected officials are struggling to keep their momentum alive.  From Morgan Edwards with Capital News Service by way of WHSV:

Henrico County Democrats hosted a gathering Thursday night at their “Blue Wave Office” to watch the third Democratic presidential debate. Campaign officials for Dels. Schuyler VanValkenburg, D-Henrico, Debra Rodman, D-Henrico and Rodney Willett helped organize the watch party. Willet is the Democratic candidate for the 73rd District House race.

A motley assortment of chairs was arranged around a projector and screen, snacks were neatly stacked at a table by the front door, and a cardboard cutout of former President Obama smiled from a corner of the room. Some onlookers sprawled comfortably on a couch during the debate, others stretched out on the floor.

Translation: no one was there.

So what was the excuse for the poor turnout of volunteers and activists?  Well… quality over quantity (of course):

Voter Arden Stevens believes Virginia Democrats are just getting started.

“It is more important to have people who you can engage with on a personal level who are, like I said, making decisions that actually matter,” Stevens said. “That’s what matters to me.”

…or maybe, just maybe, folks are a little sick and tired of being told that there’s a Democratic wave when it has finally washed up on Republican granite.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is currently polling with 49% approval ratings — well beyond the threshold Republicans in Virginia are privately assuring insiders they need in order to hold onto the Virginia House of Delegates.

If Democratic enthusiasm remains in the dumpster while Republican “silent majority” voters continue to inoculate themselves against the media narrative, Democrats could be in for a nasty shock in November.