The Democrats love to complain about so-called “dark money,” funds raised from anonymous sources through shady PACs. And the liberal media apparatus sure loves to amplify their grievances. But you could hear a pin drop when they do it.

The Virginia Public Access Project reports a $600,000 donation to the House Democratic Caucus within a month before the start of the new General Assembly session from something called Zinc Collective LLC.

Never heard of it?  There’s a reason.

It’s one of the many shady groups Democrats use to raise money under the table.

And they knew it too. Why else would Zinc Collective have given $450,000, three-quarters of their donation, on January 7th, the day after the tragic violence on Capitol Hill, while everyone was distracted with the fallout?

But what this also shows is that Democrats are scared. They know their House majority is in jeopardy this November. Although they came up short, Heather Mitchell and Sylvia Bryant both significantly outperformed expectations in heavily Democrat districts in the January 5th special elections.

If November goes even half as well, the speaker’s gavel will once again be wielded by a Republican.

Democrats are brazenly trying to sneak money by in a desperate attempt to bolster their chances at fighting a Republican wave.

If Republicans and conservatives are vigilant, it won’t work.