In a rather odd move, several freshmen members of the incoming House Democratic Caucus are pledging not to take corporate contributions.  From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Several members of the freshman class of state delegates whose historic wins stunned Virginia’s political world in November are forming a caucus intended to reduce corporate money in state politics.

Members agree to vote as a bloc on campaign finance reform and consumer protection bills, and agree not to take contributions from public-service corporations — things like electric and telecom companies and railroads. A political action committee attached to the People’s Caucus does not accept contributions from corporations, only from individuals.

“It’s an independent legislative caucus that’s set up to further the policy goal of returning power to the voters in the General Assembly,” said Del.-elect Lee Carter, D-Manassas, who unseated Republican Del. Jackson H. Miller, a member of the GOP leadership, as Democrats erased a 66-34 GOP majority in the House.

…after just taking a boatload of corporate money to get elected, of course.  No word on whether or not the House Democrats intend on returning their corporate donations to their masters generous sponsors, or whether or not the Northam Inaugural Committee — whose fete is being financed by and large by corporate sponsorships — will be doing likewise.

Nor is there any indication that any of these freshmen delegates will be forswearing any labor union contributions… after all, Citizens United only fixed the problem that allowed corporations to play by the same rules as labor unions, right?