Are you up for a challenge? Well, Dominion Energy would like to know immediately.

The Richmond-based utility company is collaborating with the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Engineering this summer for a 36-hour “design-a-thon” to bolster future innovations in the energy sector.

Dubbed “Power the Future,” the challenge will bring together college students from all disciplines to brainstorm prototype solutions and create innovative ideas for the future of the energy sector. Creative solutions and bright ideas will seek to win over a panel staffed with experts from the energy and technology industry.

Between October 20-21, individuals and teams will be given real-world challenges surrounding Dominion Energy-related scenarios in a test that will resemble “hack-a-thons” that are typically used in the technology industry. The organization of the event is a mash-up of a science fair and a career fair in a festival-type atmosphere.

Individuals and teams up to four people can sign up to participate in the event with a focus on college students currently in programs that involve developers, programmers, engineers, marketing and data analysts, business development planners, and creative types.

There will be a $4,000 cash prize awarded to the top team with additional “techie” prizes for second and third place. Although only one can claim the best-in-class notoriety, Dominion Energy paid internships can be awarded to any participant.

Potential participants can go to the Dominion Energy website to sign up. Acceptance letters will be sent to potential participants starting in late August through October 1 when the sign up date ends.

Even though the Power the Future event will be sponsored in tandem with VCU, the event open to any student from any college. Furthermore, those who do not know how to code can also apply as a diverse background of participants will add to the innovative solutions Dominion Energy seeks to retrieve.

According to Dominion Energy, “there are things most college majors can bring to the challenges we will pose that can help a team win. While we are expecting a prototype to be created, there is absolutely a place for a diverse team of skillsets. In fact, we think a diverse team stands a strong chance of winning.”

As Dominion Energy is working to provide for the future of energy solutions, they are wrangling young technology enthusiasts and college students to help solve some of the world’s greatest problems.

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