Earlier this week, the Virginia Department of Education announced that it was ending all accelerated math programs for children below the 11th grade.

The Board claimed its goal was to “improve equity in mathematics learning opportunities.” Apparently, keeping kids out of school for over a year wasn’t enough punishment for high-achieving students. Now, to ensure equality of outcome, the Democrats are gonna drag them down and force them into slower-moving, more basic classes.

Even Democrat-endorsed Loudoun County School Board member Ian Serotkin called the proposal “absolutely bananas.”

Of course, this is the standard leftist playbook, forcing everyone to the lowest common denominator. Instead of improving struggling public schools, they seek to shut down high-achieving charter schools. Rather than uplift the poor, they tax and over-regulate the rich. And don’t even get me started on their approach to COVID.

Also, this issue is personal for me.

Throughout most of grade school, I’d always found math boring, rote and way too easy. But, once I was placed into an advanced program, I finally realized I had not only a knack, but also a passion for the subject. Fast forward a few years and it became my college major. I’m sure there are many others like me across the Commonwealth, and this new proposal would strip them of the chance to find out how interesting and worthwhile the study of mathematics can truly be.

Thankfully, Virginians will have a chance to reverse this dangerous proposal this November.

If we work together and get a common-sense conservative with our traditional Virginian values who understands education into the governor’s mansion, we can reopen the pathway to success followed by myself and thousands of other Virginians and stop the radical Democrats in their tracks.