For those who can’t read the blurry disclaimer, it does indeed say “Paid For By Northam For Governor” — a brutal confession just three weeks out.

UPDATE:  For those wondering, TRS’s Brian Kirwin broke speculation of this news earlier in the week that Justin Fairfax was in serious trouble.  Indications such as these point not only to infighting on the Democratic ticket, but an indicator that Northam is not as in control of how his campaign is actually being run as outsiders might believe.

UPDATE x2:  Of course, this is not the first time Justin Fairfax has been left in the cold by the Democratic establishment — the last time during the 2016 DPVA Convention where the powers-that-be refused to allow Fairfax to speak:

I asked the Fairfax campaign if they wanted to comment on his being denied a speaking slot, and received this within an email from Thomas:

“The fact that he has been denied an equal opportunity to speak at the 2016 Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) State Convention and JJ Dinner, despite being a financial sponsor, is deeply unfortunate, puzzling, and alarming. We hope this is not part of a pattern or plan of exclusion … Justin has proven to be a powerful, positive, unifying, and dynamic force in modern Virginia politics.”

Once is happenstance. Twice, a coincidence. Three times… is enemy action?

UPDATE x3:  Does anyone else remember this?

This was the moment where Ralph Northam during his lieutenant governor’s race was criticized for not shaking the hand of Republican E.W. Jackson.

Northam’s campaign handlers have brushed it off stating that Northam did not notice Jackson’s extended hand.

You be the judge.

UPDATE x4:  Outside sources are informing us that the Northam campaign is telling reporters that the non-Fairfax flyers represent only 0.5% of a 3 million piece run.

First, does that pass the smell test?  Anyone?

Second, three million pieces?  Does that pass the smell test?

Third… who asked for it?

For a flyer to be so ubiquitous as to have 3 million pieces printed, the cost of keeping Fairfax on the flyers is nothing.  Why remove him at all?  If folks see more than just a few of these flyers… does that mean the Northam campaign lied about it?  Or does it mean that a stack of them are sitting in a warehouse never to see the light of day?  Who gets to confirm any of that?

UPDATE x5:  Folks, this is really taking off (and for good reason).  The real question is going to be what the mainstream media does with the information.  Do they press home some hard hitting questions?  Do they accept the Northam campaign’s excuses explanations?  Or is this “the truth is somewhere in the middle” time?

Talk to any printer.  You don’t stop a 3mil print run for 10,000 extras — in many cases, it is not physically possible to do.  Which means someone had to run this to a short run printer to do the extras.

What’s more?  Who had the muscle to ask for a fraction of these to be Fairfax-less flyers?  What neighborhood didn’t want to see Justin Fairfax’s face?  Why would either Northam or Herring acquiesce to that demand??

Either way, this is further indication of the infighting and insecurity among Virginia Democratic operatives regarding Northam’s ability to lead the ticket.  What’s more, it is yet another added layer of disrespect towards Justin Fairfax from the Democratic establishment looking to cut ties and cut loose.  Already, mid-level Democratic operatives have been openly talking about “impending disaster” statewide.  Was this part of what they saw?

These dueling flyers are simply evidence of the same.  Too clever by half excuses shouldn’t cut it.