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Reeves Victorious in SD-28 at 76%; McGuire in 2-1 Romp in SD-10

Silencing all doubters, State Senator Bryce Reeves emerged victorious this evening in his GOP nomination contest, pulling down 76% of the vote where many predicted the race would be as close as it was contentious.

Meanwhile in SD-10, Delegate John McGuire soundly defeated Louisa County Supervisor Duane Adams with over 65% of the total delegate count in the convention.

Both McGuire and Reeves ran nomination contests from an unfamiliar ground, as their erstwhile challengers attempted to take both conservative stalwarts on from their own right.

However, both Reeves and McGuire — known for their work ethic both on the campaign trail and in Richmond — managed to make the case for the hearts and minds of the Republican faithful.

From the Reeves campaign:

“I am deeply honored and humbled by the trust that the voters of the 28th Senate District have placed in me,” Reeves said. “I promise to continue to be a tireless advocate for our shared values and to work every day to make our community an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.”

McGuire was equally as positive heading into the November 2023 races:

“Tracy and I cannot thank you enough for the support you gave us during the SD 10 convention campaign. We have the best team! Thanks to you, we won a 4-way Virginia State Senate District 10 convention race by 63% on the first vote! We made so many new friends. Your prayers, positive word of mouth, donations, phone calls, door knocking, hard work, and more made the difference. Now, we “must lock arms” as Governor Glenn Youngkin says and win in November. I will give more details soon!”

McGuire was an early and vocal supporter of Governor Glenn Youngkin in 2021 when he was a relative unknown in conservative circles.  Reeves — a former lieutenant governor candidate and a perennial favorite for statewide office — continues to remain as a backbone of iron in the Virginia Senate for conservative causes.

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