Quick question.  Precisely how many Democrats are running against Congressional Barbara Comstock?

There’s this guy (who apparently only has 11 stripes on his “veteran” t-shirt):

Then there’s Nancy Pelosi’s wingman:

There’s a couple others as well… but we really can’t figure out why they’re running other than as a vanity project.

Don’t worry if you don’t know any of them by name.  Neither do most of the 10th District voters.  Which is precisely why yet another Democratic hack is going to enter this race!

Which hack, you ask?  “Draft Andrew McCabe” is the latest in the lineup, and if you remember the name?  There’s a reason why…

Yes, it’s that Andrew McCabe – the #2 at the Obama-era FBI who took a dive on the Hillary Clinton email investigation. The same Andrew McCabe whose wife ran against Senator Dick Black in 2015 and received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the McAuliffe/Clinton machine.

Interestingly enough, it was earlier this year where Team Gerry Connolly/Team Jenny Wexton actually boasted about edging out the McAuliffe candidate — First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe — who ultimately passed on a run in VA-10.

Is McCabe’s entrance into the VA-10 race Terry’s revenge?

The National Journal couldn’t help but make the same observation about the incredibly weak Democratic bench — not just in VA-10 but across the nation:

The challenge of sorting out blue-chip recruits from not-ready-for-prime-time players is being replicated in Democratic primaries across the country. In the Northern Virginia seat held by GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock, Democratic officials rallied behind state senator Jennifer Wexton, who had shown the ability to win over swing voters in her state legislative campaigns. But a slew of outsider candidates—including an anti-human-trafficking activist, a business consultant, and an Army veteran—have raised impressive amounts of money, making the primary unpredictable.

Unpredictable indeed!