The perennial infighting among VA-10 Democrats is just too delicious to pass up.

Earlier we brought you ongoing coverage of the growing Democrat on Democrat warfare in Virginia’s 10th Congressional district.  Over the weekend the Democrat 10th District committee met to give State Senator Jennifer Wexton yet another defeat, voting for an open Democrat primary after Rep. Gerry Connolly and others went to extraordinary lengths to hijack the process by imposing a convention — one where Wexton would conceivably hold an advantage in organization and numbers.

You will recall that Wexton, organized an effort to eliminate the Democrat Primary in favor of a closed door member’s only convention. Democrat Lindsey Stover Davis ratted out Wexton’s plan to Politico as TRS previously reported by leaking a secret recording of the meeting.

With Wexton’s plan exposed and having lost the support of the Democratic Committee, Wexton miraculously flipped — saying that she too would support a primary after all.

There’s no question that it has been a long bruising couple of months for the sagging Wexton campaign. She came in 4th in fundraising behind Alison Friedman, Dan Helmer (yes, that Dan Helmer), and Lindsey Stover Davis.

Now Wexton is forced into an expensive primary, one that she just can’t afford.

Don’t be surprised if and when you hear that Senator Wexton is dropping out to spend more time with her family.  In would indeed be a more honorable exit than getting smashed in a winner-take-all Democratic primary.