Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Loudoun County Parents Run $500K Ad Taking On CRT

As Virginia's local school boards continue to push CRT and transgenderism on kids, parents in Loudoun County have had enough.


Loudoun County’s Free To Learn Coalition has just put a $500K advertisement on air in Northern Virginia fighting back against their local school board, as Virginia school boards across the commonwealth continue to impose Critical Race Theory (CRT) in classrooms and indoctrinate teachers to impose these values on students.

“Loudoun County Public School leadership has prioritized political activism above all else,” said Alleigh Marré, President of Free to Learn. “We have seen targeted efforts to silence dissenting parents and push teachers into reporting their colleagues. This activist behavior by Loudoun County leaders will not be tolerated. Free to Learn will continue to shine a light on these harmful practices until Loudoun County leadership ceases its divisive, activist-driven efforts.”

In addition to airing during the WFT game, the ads are airing on television in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area and will include digital efforts targeting every Loudoun County school. Free to Learn will also display a mobile billboard outside of the Loudoun County School Board meeting Tuesday.

“At Free to Learn we are dedicated to ensuring that schools are focused on academics, not activism,” said Marré. “We work together with parents and teachers to provide a platform, so their voices aren’t marginalized or excluded when considering what’s best for student outcomes. Anyone who is observing political ideologies driving school practices should reach out to us. We can help.”


The Free to Learn Coalition is a non-partisan organization established to support parents, caregivers, and community organizations in their advocacy for quality K-12 education. The coalition supports the basic principle that students should be Free to Learn: Free to ask questions, free to develop individual thoughts and opinions, free to think critically of ideas and concepts, and free to achieve.