NRCC Releases Hard Hitting Ad Against Jennifer Wexton

Jennifer Wexton will institute an agenda of raising taxes on the middle class when she gets to Washington.


The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) today began airing their new ad featuring the Democratic nominee for Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District, Jennifer Wexton, and her record on voting to raise taxes while in the Virginia State Senate.

Years ago, Wexton supported the largest tax increase in the history of the Commonwealth – almost $6 billion. The measure boosted the sales in the Northern Virginia area, delivering a blow to hard-working, middle-class constituents.

Furthermore, Wexton supported then-Governor Terry McAuliffe’s increased toll rates on Interstate 66, which skyrocketed to over $46 in April of this year. As well, this delivered a blow to middle-class voters in Northern Virginia who commute to and from work every day.

“Self-proclaimed tax and spend liberal Jennifer Wexton is dead-set on continuing her record of raising taxes on Northern Virginia,” said NRCC Communications Director Matt Gorman in a press release. “They couldn’t afford her in the State Senate; they can’t afford her in Congress.”

Of course, this is no surprise to her supporters as Wexton has been committed to raising taxes at every opportunity she has had during her career in the Virginia State Senate. The legislator has supported over 30 – yes, 30 – state tax increases.

The ad from the NRCC follows Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s first ad, which also centers on taxes, a priority issue for the Northern Virginia middle class.

During her time in Congress, and before in the House of Delegates, Comstock has fought successfully for tax cuts, jobs programs, and education initiatives to bolster the economy of the Northern Virginia area.

On the other hand, Wexton’s record proves she is complicit with spending the hard-earned money of Virginians. Moreover, if Wexton gets to Washington, the child tax credit will be slashed in half, and overall she pledges to raise taxes on families in the Northern Virginia area by an average of $2,400.