Del. Ibraheem Samirah

For a rock aficionado, Democrat Del. Ibraheem Samriah seems to enjoy living in a glass house quite a bit.

Samirah, the recently-elected Northern Virginia Democrat with a history of anti-Semitic rhetoric, took to Twitter this week to castigate Republican for having the audacity to accept money from political lobbyists.

“Isn’t it a strange coincident hat the folks who take [money] from lobbyist always vote the way that that lobbyists want them to?” he tweeted.

Samirah was piling on to a comment from the Virginia House Democrat Caucus lambasting the GOP for taking a $12,000 donation from the National Rifle Association.

“Fortunately, I can vote in the public interest because I am only accountable one donor: the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia,” he added.

Unfortunately for Samirah, his campaign finance records tell a different story. Since his campaign began, the Democrat has accepted:

• $15,000 from the Virginia Dental Association
• $1,500 from the Virginia Beverage Association
• $2,000 from the Virginia Wine Wholesalers

Samirah was not pleased when social media pointed out his donation history.

“You got me! I’m totally in the pocket of big wine, not to mention the Deal Association that I am a member of,” Samirah replied.’’

Unfortunately for Samirah, he’s a dentist, not a podiatrist, so he’s going to need someone else to look after his self-inflicted foot injury.