Congratulations (or condolences) to State Senator Jennifer Wexton for scoring a win in one of the most divisive Democratic primaries in the history of Virginia!

Actual photo of the 10th District Democratic Primary.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars were expended to accurately describe Wexton — all by her own base and putative friends.

For one, we applaud their sincerity and honesty… even though it will probably bleed off in a month or so as Democrats rally to gang up on their arch-nemesis: all around do-gooder and conservative firebrand Barbara Comstock.

So just before we really get into the campaign season?  Here are five things you really need to know about Jennifer Wexton — right now:

1.  Jennifer Wexton is first and foremost a member of “The Resistance” (sic) and loves negative, nasty attacks.  Just listen to Democratic Rep. Gerry “Cockroach” Connolly spike the football:

2.  Wexton actually boasts of being a “tax and spend liberal” and has pledged to raise taxes on every American who pays taxes. 

3.  Wexton is a hard YES! for Nancy Pelosi as speaker, enabling Pelosi’s military spending cuts that would cost thousands of jobs in Northern Virginia.

4.  This duck.

5.   Last but certainly not least, Wexton had the audacity to put her campaign staff in fake police costumes (the Halloween sort) in her campaign ad — and refused to apologize even after being forced to take the ad off the air.

Wexton’s left wing style of politics is so outside the extremes that she has already begun attacking Comstock’s on (wait for it) bipartisan legislation fighting MS-13 gangs — legislation supported by actual law enforcement such as the Fraternal Order of Police and the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force.

That’s five very good reasons to keep an eye on Wexton’s desperation bid for a congressional seat.  After all, if you’re willing to put your own staff in fake police costumes better suited for a frat party?

That’s a pretty desperate play.