Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) fantasized with fellow liberal admirer Chris Matthews during an interview on MSNBC’s Hardball on Thursday night about punching President Donald Trump. McAuliffe may eventually get his chance to confront President Trump since he has been mentioned as a potential 2020 presidential candidate among a weak Democrat field.

According to Fox News, when Matthews asked the outgoing Virginia governor about what he would do if President Trump ever “got in his space,” McAuliffe replied, “You would have to pick him up off the floor.” The longtime Bill and Hillary Clinton crony added, “That would be the last time Donald Trump ever did that.”

The interview took a steep nose dive after Hardball‘s Matthews explained that President Trump can, “take people who are level headed, like Jeb Bush, and makes them look weak.” McAuliffe then posited that he would turn to violence if the then-candidate for President Donald Trump made an effort to invade his personal space just as he did during the October 2016 presidential debate to Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. In her latest book, in which she puts the blame of her loss on numerous factors, the moment made her so uncomfortable that, ”my skin crawled,” according to Clinton.

Matthews found the Virginia governor’s comments fairly comical, smirking a bit, then saying,  “You mean you’d deck him.” McAuliffe responded, “Listen, if this guy got in my space, you wanna get in my space, I’ve always said Chris, you punch me, I’m going to punch back twice as hard. And it wouldn’t be hard to do it, but you know, this guy thinks he could intimidate everybody. It’s disgraceful. It’s embarrassing.”

Governor McAuliffe has been a close friend of the Clintons for decades and even served as co-chairman of President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign, as well as leading Hillary’s 2008 campaign for president.

At the end of the interview with Matthews, McAuliffe reiterated his threat, “If he ever came over and leaned on me and got in my space, that would be the last time Donald Trump ever did that. I promise you that.” Matthews then gave him a cheeky response, saying, “sounds like an Irish-American politician,” and complimented the Virginia governor’s performance on the program.

McAuliffe joins fellow Virginian and current Democrat U.S. Senator Tim Kaine in making threatening remarks to President Trump. Kaine often congratulates himself as being a member of “The Resistance,” even after his son was arrested with a number of counter-protesters after tear gas was used at a pro-Trump rally in Minnesota.

So…are Democrats turning to threats and violence to push their agenda? Sounds like a tactic out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook.