March for Life
Virginia March for Life, April 2019

Thousands of pro-life Virginians will be descending upon Richmond this week as the 3rd Annual Richmond March for Life kicks off on Friday, September 17th on the steps of the Virginia State Capitol at 12pm followed by a march at 1pm.

“We look forward to coming together to highlight the cause of life in Virginia where there are far too few protections for the unborn,” said Jeanne Mancini, President of March for Life Defense and Education Fund. Virginia state law currently allows abortion for virtually any reason through all nine months of pregnancy. “This march will give pro-life Virginians the opportunity to be heard and demand respect for the rights of these children,” Mancini continued. “Every human life should be valued and deserves legal protection.”   

Victoria Cobb, President of the Family Foundation said, “We are thrilled to announce our 3rd annual March for Life. While our Commonwealth has been working through the difficulties of a pandemic, the abortion industry has been launching tele-services, increasing abortion volume later and later in pregnancy and receiving more money than ever before from our taxpayers. It’s time for Virginians to take a stand.”

March For Life organizers have been taking their movement state by state in replication of the national March For Life in Washington organized every January on the anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling.  Crowds of up to 5,000 are to be expected on the heels of the McAuliffe-Youngkin debate in Grundy, Virginia.