Virginia is a right-to-work state.  Virginia was one of the first right-to-work states in the nation.

Every state to our north is a forced union state.  Every state to our south is a right-to-work state.  Forced unionization is concentrated mostly in the Northeast and the west coast.  Michigan and Wisconsin adopted right-to-work laws and turned against forced unionization a few years back.  So did Kentucky and Missouri.

But Virginia is where the line is drawn.

Northam said in Democrat primary debates that he didn’t want to fight that fight right now, but only because it didn’t think the legislature would go for it.  Previous Democrats have actually supported Virginia’s right-to-work status, but Northam gave the old “I’m against it, but what can I do…I’d just be the Governor” defense.

Here comes the Union money!

Some of the largest summertime donations for Northam were from big labor unions.

Teacher unions (NEA and AFT), Mid-Atlantic Laborers union, public employee unions, Food and Commercial Workers unions, construction unions, machinists unions, sheet metal unions, the UAW, Service employees unions…this is all in addition to the almost million dollars unions gave Northam before July.

Why would all these unions shower Northam with money to be a Governor in a right-to-work state who says he won’t lead the fight to make Virginia a union state?  Are unions that stupid?  Would they seriously take all their union members money and throw it away on a candidate for Governor who says he won’t work to make Virginia a union state?

Or are we stupid for believing he won’t.

Follow the money.