Chris Saxman with the Virginia Free Enterprise Foundation (Virginia FREE) is raising the flag on a rather interesting notation from the left-leaning Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis — a job posting for a new campaign manager.

Their job description?

The Revenue Campaign Manager oversees the successful execution of TCI and partner’s multi-pronged campaign to secure expanded progressive revenue options over the 2021 and 2022 legislative sessions and potentially beyond.

Short version?  To orchestrate a campaign to raise your taxes.

Saxman is naturally nonplussed about this sort of orchestration for yet another massive tax hike on Virginia’s working families and what that might mean to Virginia’s business environment:

Did someone say something about swing suburban voters, redistricting, and how turnout from 2008 to 2009 went from 74% to 40%?

One of the primary reasons why turnout dropped so dramatically? Leading candidates being asked in press gaggles about raising taxes which led to brutal campaign ads.

The Virginia General Assembly just came out of a bruising special session in order to plug a $2.8 billion shortfall created by the COVID pandemic — a schematic that the Democrats have pledged to put off until after the November 3rd elections.

Either way, Virginia taxpayers have had to endure at least three tax increases over the last two decades, each of which were designed and sold to the public as grand bargains that would prevent future tax increases from being warranted.