Brutal poll numbers from the once-enthusiastic Washington Post as Northam drops a near-miraculous 8 points in as many days.  This comes after Quinnipiac showed Northam an astronomical 17 points ahead of Republican challenger Ed Gillespie, while most mainstream polls showed Gillespie well within the margin of error — and maintaining a slight lead in others.

Northam’s poll numbers are sliding rapidly — sources inform TRS that Democratic internals show Northam at just 2 points ahead — and the impact of the outrageous Soros-funded Latino Victory Fund PAC advertisements depicting Ed Gillespie running down minority children in a Confederate flag emblazoned pick up truck have shocked even the most jaded Virginia political observers.

This comes after VPAP reports that both Northam and Gillespie are tied for cash-on-hand in the closing week of the November campaign, with Republican challenger John Adams actually outraising beleaguered Democrat Mark Herring for the first time.

All signs point towards a smashing November for Republicans if the momentum stays up.  Conversely, given that the leads are so thin, anything could happen… which means every vote — Democratic and Republican — counts next week.