The VA-10 Democratic primary just keeps getting more precarious. What was supposed to be a coronation of The Democratic National Committee’s hand-picked candidate, State Senator Jennifer Wexton (D-Fairfax), has turned into a real street fight.

Wexton has had a long string of bad news. Candidate after candidate has filed to run against her even as the progressive establishment, led by Governor Ralph Northam, moved heaven and earth to save her from the nine others vying for the nomination.

Then there was also the failed attempt of a political coup d’état to cancel the primary and have the nominee chosen by insiders in a closed door convention. As well, she is running fourth in fundraising in a district where it seems that all that matters to Democrats and the DCCC is who can raise the most money.

Nevertheless, the latest update from the Wexton campaign is laugh-out-loud funny.

The Wexton campaigned commissioned and then released a poll of Democrat primary voters which her campaign claims she in the prohibitive favorite. And what does this poll show?

If the election were held today, Wexton would get 31 percent of the vote over the next two top picks Alison Friedman and Lindsey Davis Stover who polled at five and three percentage points, respectively.

That is correct. The Wexton campaign is bragging about appallingly anemic poll results that shows that 70 percent of Democrats are not voting for her.

Furthermore, Wexton now boasts a 48 percent name recognition in VA-10. Consequently, that also means 52 percent of potential Democratic voters, the voters she currently represents in the General Assembly, have no idea who she is.

Of course, one must not take our word for it. Here is her release.

The real winner of this poll is Republican Congresswomen Barbara Comstock. When Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked candidate for Congress is only getting 31 percent of Democrats to vote for her that is really good news for Comstock.