While all the attention is focused on Georgia’s two pivotal Senate elections, this Tuesday actually features two special elections right here in Virginia, both for House of Delegates seats vacated by Democrats.

These races will present an important opportunity, the first in the new year, to fight back against Ralph Northam’s radical agenda.

First, Sylvia Bryant is fighting to bring sensible conservative representation to the Norfolk-based 90th district vacated by Democrat Joe Lindsay.

A business administrator, Bryant has leadership experience outside of politics and even more notable, has never run for political office before, uncorrupted by the Richmond swamp. Her grassroots campaign has been endorsed by the gun rights group Virginia Citizens Defense League as well as pro-life organizations the Family Foundation and the Virginia Society for Human Life.

Also, Heather Mitchell is championing traditional Virginian values in her bid for the Stafford and Prince William-based 2nd district, abandoned by Jennifer Carroll Foy who resigned her seat to pursue her own political ambitions instead of representing her constituents at a time of crisis for the Commonwealth.

Mitchell hopes to represent all of her district, unlike her predecessor who only sought to represent the heavily-Democrat Prince William portion, voting to remove millions in transportation funding from Stafford County. 

Both races have attracted some high-profile Republican support. Both State Senator Jen Kiggans (SD-07) and Delegate Jason Miyares (HD-82) recently came out knocking for Sylvia Bryant. Likewise, Congressman Rob Wittman (VA-01) and 2020 Virginia Senatorial nominee Daniel Gade have helped out on Heather Mitchel’s campaign, as well as former Speaker Kirk Cox (HD-66) recently came out knocking for Heather Mitchell on Saturday before heading down to help Bryant this week.

Both Bryant and Mitchell are great conservatives who would bring sorely-needed conservative leadership to Richmond. Not only will they oppose efforts to “defund the police” and fight to protect the sanctity of human life, both candidates are committed to keeping taxes low and ensuring our constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms.

A Republican win in both of these races would shave the Democratic-controlled majority in the House of Delegates to a mere 53 votes.

Republican wins on Tuesday would be a total repudiation of the Northam-led COVID response, one that is 46th in the nation in vaccination rollout and is the subject of national comedy.  Not only would it send a message, it would put a dent in Democratic efforts to impose gun control legislation as well as massive tax increases such as the ones championed by Democratic State Senator Creigh Deeds (D-Bath).