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Terms of Use

- June 4, 2024

Please Examine These Terms Before Using This Website:

These applies to https://therepublicanstandard.com as well as derivations thereof, and any content and or pages on this site, or any sites owned or managed by FXBG Advance’s, subsidiaries or affiliates – hereafter referred to collectively as “Site”. Your use of the Site is governed by the terms of this policy, and the Privacy Policy, and use of the Site constitutes acceptance of these policies.

You agree by accessing this site that you have read and agree to the terms laid out herein, and possess legal agency to accept and comply with these terms. If you do not agree with these terms, you are prohibited from using this site.

This site is intended for an audience of 18+ year olds living in, or citizens of The United States of America.

If you are not a U.S. resident, we ask that you opt-out, and do not make use of our services.

If you are a California resident and wish to exercise your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act, please go here.

Personally Identifiable Information

Certain features of our Site may require the collection or storage of personally identifiable information (“PII”). We may collect PII directly from you, we may also associate you with PII that is available to us, such as your interest, ad preferences, or demographics. We store and process information in the United States.

We may make share your PII for the following reasons:

  • We may share your PII with affiliates, partners, contractors, technical providers, and other 3rd party providers to ensure that our Site and the associated services are provided to you.
  • We may make PII available to affiliated brands based on content or demonstrated subject-matter interest to share similar products or services with you. You may opt-out of this at any time.
  • We may transfer your PII to ensure compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements
  • We may share your PII with affiliated companies or partners to analyze activity for the purposes of improving our services, or to develop similar audiences for growing our user base.

We may use your PII to:

  • Operate our Site and provide you with our services.
  • Facilitate communication with you.
  • Ensure adherence to applicable laws and regulations.

Your sharing of PII:

If you make use of our Site to post comments, information, or communicate – those actions are not private. Others may learn information about you if you choose to disclose it – and what those others do with your information is beyond our control.


If you do not want us to use your PII, or receive communications from us, you may opt-out at any time using the link in the relevant email.

Prohibited Activities

By using this site, you agree to not copy or retrieve data from the site, compile a collection of content from, or otherwise use content or data from this site without express permission to do so from us. You may not engage in fraud, scams, tricks, threats, or encourage violence. You may not use scripts or bots to interact with our site in any way, or use the site to advertise or attempt to sell goods or services.

Commenting And User Generated Content

You are free to interact with other users of this site by posting comments, participating in surveys, polls, or other interactive devices.

By taking part in any of the forgoing, you expressly warrant that any content or data provided you are free and able to provide, and grant us a permanent irrevocable license to modify and or use your submission(s) in any way that we decide.

We retain the right to edit, and screen submissions however we deem appropriate.

For Comments, you also warrant that:

  • Your comments are not lewd or profane
  • Your comments may not attempt to intimidate or incite violence
  • Your comments may not violate any law or regulation
  • Your comments may not engage in hate speech

We ask that you make an effort to engage in meaningful conversation with other readers. Disagreement and debate are encouraged, but character attacks, name calling, and other juvenile methods of debate are discouraged, and such submissions may be removed.

Comments are flagged for moderation if you are newly submitting a comment, if the comment contains certain flagged words, or if the comment meets criteria that spam filters have flagged for review.

Copyright & Licensing

The Republican Standard publishes content that is wholly owned by therepublicanstandard.com, and also publishes and makes use of content under license from various partners, affiliates, and writers. All content on therepublicanstandard.com is used with permission or governed by an applicable agreement or contract, or is licensed under Creative Commons license(s). If content is found on our site which you feel is being used without proper attribution and or compensation, you may contact us.

Third-Party Data

We may use information about you to develop and improve targeting information for advertising. This may involve the use of cookies or other tracking technologies that do not rely on the use or sharing of PII. We also may use similar technologies to facilitate our ability to show you ads on our websites from third-party advertisers. They may use a variety of targeting criteria and cookies that we cannot control. You may find out more about how to opt-out of certain tracking technologies by going here: https://youradchoices.com/

General Items

We reserve the right to alter this agreement at any time – and changes to this policy will be posted here.

Our site is provided on an as-is basis, and we make no warranty or claims in connection to the site or its advertisers, and indemnify this site and hold harmless Elliance Digital Media, and our partners against any loss and or damages arising from use of this site, including potential legal fees.

We shall not be liable to you or anyone else for any losses or damages, or potential losses and damages that may arise from your use of this site.

Any disagreement arising from use of this site, or from these terms are to be settled either informally, or through arbitration in The Commonwealth of Virginia.

If any part of this agreement is determined to be invalid, it will not invalidate the entirety of this agreement. Your use of our Site and your PII is subject to the laws and regulations of The United States of America, and The Commonwealth of Virginia and your use of the Site constitutes agreement to this. Any disagreement arising out of the use of our Site, or the use of PII shall be handled in The Commonwealth of Virginia, and your use of the Site is an acknowledgment of the locus and established venue.

You May Contact Us Here

This Agreement was last modified on March 14, 2024

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