Vital Atlantic Coast Pipeline Permit Takes Effect In Virginia To Allow Construction

Environmental regulators have approved engineering plans for Richmond-based Dominion Energy's Atlantic Coast Pipeline in a move that means the project has the state's permission to begin construction.

Virginia’s Wallops Island Welcomes Additional Spacecraft Launch Pad

Virginia's capture of Rocket Lab's expansion into the U.S. is a victorious moment for the Commonwealth's growing aerospace industry, which will undoubtedly increase the state's overall economic competitiveness.

As Migrant Caravan Moves Closer To U.S., Trump Blasts Situation As An ‘Assault On...

As the migrant caravan continues towards the U.S., questions have been raised about who exactly is funding the 4,000-strong endeavor. After all, food, water, gas for vehicles, and other necessities is expensive for those who claim they are fleeing Central and South America's woeful economic conditions.

Virginia’s House Districts To Be Drawn By Professor That Redistricted Congressional Map In 2016

“This deprived Virginia of a high-ranking member of Congress, who was in line to sit on the House Armed Services Committee, to represent the Norfolk region that relies heavily on federal military presence to support its local economy,” House GOP lawyers wrote referring to the court-appointed "special master" that was used for redistricting in 2016 - who is now charged with redrawing the Commonwealth's legislative districts.

Left Wing Operative That Harassed Barbara Comstock Staffers Arrested After Physically Assaulting Female GOP...

"I kept screaming help me, stop hurting me, you are hurting me," a female Nevada Republican campaign manager recalled after Mike Stark, the same progressive political operative that harassed Barbara Comstock's staffers on the Fourth of July, physically assaulted her in Las Vegas.

Treasury Department Official Arrested After Leaking Russia Investigation Documents To BuzzFeed

A senior adviser in the U.S. Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has been charged with "unauthorized disclosure of suspicious activity reports" and "conspiracy" following leaks of documents related to several people under investigation by White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Vice President Mike Pence To Visit Richmond Saturday To Build Republican Support Before Election...

Less than three weeks before Election Day, Vice President Mike Pence will appear at a rally and headline a fundraising event for Fourth Congressional District Republican nominee Ryan McAdams in Richmond, Virginia, along with former Governor Bob McDonnell.

Dominion Energy To Keep Surry Nuclear Power Plant Online Through 2053

"Renewing the operation of Surry also positions Virginia for economic growth and will help the Commonwealth remain a leader in the production of clean energy among other states in the mid-Atlantic and South. It supports more than 900 high-paying jobs at the station and produces additional economic and tax benefits," said Dan Stoddard, Dominion Energy's Chief Nuclear Officer.

Hurricane Florence’s Virginia Price Tag Only $10.8 Million After FEMA Reimburses 75 Percent Of...

One of the biggest factors for the most costly storm preparation in almost a decade stems from the governor's decision to evacuate 245,000 residents from low-lying parts of Hampton Roads, the opening of two state-sponsored emergency shelters, and the mobilization of 6,000 Virginia National Guard troops.

Virginians Anticipating Nine Percent Hike For Insurance Premiums Through Obamacare Exchanges

This year's rising insurance rates have proved to be a challenge for Virginians as year-over-year increases were compacted by a majority of localities throughout the Commonwealth having only one provider.

Elizabeth Warren’s Losing Battle With Progressive Identity Politics

As news media mocks Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren's made-up narrative, it has only hurt those who are actually Native American, because having that ancestry means something that goes far deeper than the superficial identity politics game that is being played by progressives.

Senator Lindsey Graham Says Saudi Prince Salman Has ‘Got To Go’

After missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi was allegedly "cut into pieces" inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, the South Carolina Republican says that he will work to "sanction the hell out of Saudi Arabia."

Lawsuit Filed Against President Says Trump ‘Enemy Of Free Expression’

The PEN American Center, an advocacy group that works to defend and celebrate free expression through the advancement of literature and human rights, filed a lawsuit alleging that "official acts" undertaken by President Trump have "violated the First Amendment and his oath to uphold the Constitution."

More Jobs Than There Are People To Fill Them As U.S. Economy Roars On

As the U.S. jobless rate remains at a half-century low at 3.7 percent, the total number of job openings - 7,136,000 - dominates the actual number of people still looking for a job - 6,230,000.

Federal Deficit Increases By 17 Percent In Fiscal 2018

“The President is very much aware of the realities presented by our national debt," said Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney. "America’s booming economy will create increased government revenues – an important step toward long-term fiscal sustainability. But this fiscal picture is a blunt warning to Congress of the dire consequences of irresponsible and unnecessary spending."