Tax Reform Allows Huntington Ingalls To Give Bonuses To 40,000 Employees And Invest In...

A top executive from America's biggest shipbuilder explains how the federal tax overhaul has helped their employees, customers, shareholders, and communities.

Northam Proposes Middle Class Tax Hike To Pay For “Welfare Bonus”

How does Northam intend to pay for this welfare bonus?  By increasing taxes on middle class Virginians to the tune of $240 million.

Richmond’s Bus Rapid Transit System: Gentrification On Wheels

Without going on for a fortnight, Richmond's mass transit overhaul, the Bus Rapid Transit system, has a few interesting issues.

Political Ad Promoting Judge Kavanaugh Could Lead To Setting Dangerous Precedent

A political ad featuring a soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice has never been made. However, those in swing states got to see one for the first time ever.

Virginia Police To Begin End Of Summer Crackdown On Drunk Driving

Police all around Virginia are on a mission to keep suspected drunk and drugged drivers off the road as a new enforcement program begins Friday.

Charlottesville Has Become The Capital Of Irony

It is hard to put into the words the confusion and underlying irritation and complete resentment for those who accosted the City of Charlottesville for having a large police presence on the one-year anniversary of the riots that took three lives.

GO Virginia Green Lights Two Projects In Richmond Area, One In Greensville County

Three projects in the Commonwealth have been given the go-ahead by Virginia's business-led economic development initiative.
general assembly

House Democrats Meeting In Richmond Amid Talks Of Leadership Change

Will the progressives within the House Democratic Caucus bow to the establishment or rock the political boat with a coup against their leadership?

Mark Warner’s 20-Point Plan To Destroy The Internet And Online Innovation

Disregarding the wishes of private businesses and the concept of free speech, Mark Warner shows that power emanates from the Hill, not the Valley.

Virginia Scrambles To Provide Solution For Next Year’s Skyrocketing Premiums

After the revelation that monthly insurance premiums will skyrocket next year, a state committee will convene in effort to lower the costs of healthcare insurance under the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Virginia’s Habitual Drunkard Law Challenged, But Upheld By Appeals Court

Is the habitual drunkard law a means to a healthy Commonwealth, or a measure to keep homeless people off the streets?

Money Allotted For RPS Maintenance Hidden In Previous Years Surplus

Richmond School Board members and the public at-large were shocked to find that the lack of money allocated for this year's infrastructure improvements within the school division was bolstered by money taken out of the budget to fix schools in the past and re-branded as "new" money.

Virginia Jobless Claims At 45-Year Low

As the economy continues to grow, Virginia's unemployment lines continue to shrink.

Virginia Republican Carries Bill To Protect Social Security And Medicare Solvency

"For years I have said we need a lock box on Social Security to prevent any Congress from using our money elsewhere. The same goes for Medicare," Congressman Scott Taylor said, who is sponsoring a measure to protect the fund's solvency.

After Redistricting Battle, AG Mark Herring Refuses To Pay Up To Perkins Coie

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring forgets that favorable judgement has a price in the world of politics.