Medicaid Expansion Deal Struck Between Governor and House Leadership

Northam agrees to House demand for workfare requirement, private health care plans, additional conservative reforms imposed by Trump Administration.

Democrats Realize Resistance Means Absolutely Nothing

In Virginia, the immense thrill of victory for Democrats has deteriorated into a vast, nonsensical heap of unpassable legislative measures.
student loan

State Ombudsman May Be Established Assisting Student Loan Borrowers

Over $33 billion in student loan debt is held by one million Virginians. Lawmakers now seek to establish an ombudsman to help assist the financial crisis.

Congressman Scott Taylor Announces Bipartisan Ashanti Alert Act

Congressman Scott Taylor announces the bipartisan Ashanti Alert Act to promote public safety and assist law enforcement officials to find missing persons.

Soaring Tax Revenue May Cause GA Special Session

General Assembly now considering October special session to determine future of tax code after soaring collections and the mystery 400 payers.
data centers

Virginia Lawmakers Second Guessing Subsidizing Data Centers

70 percent of global internet traffic runs through Northern Virginia. Considering this, lawmakers are now reconsidering subsizing the $10 billion industry.

Millennials In General Assembly Start Virginia Future Caucus

Steven Oilkara, founder of the Millennial Action Project, announced to the Virginia General Assembly the formation of the bipartisan Virginia Future Caucus.

HAYMORE: Energy Improvements Critical To Virginia Economy

Our antiquated one-way transmission lines require an upgrade in an era of solar panels, rechargeable vehicles, and hardening against electromagnetic threat.
interstate 81

Interstate 81 Repairs Could Come From Gas Taxes And Tolls

Virginia legislators begin responding to President Trump's infrastructure plan with a proposed Western Virginia Transportation Fund to improve I-81.

Virginia Senate Stops Schoolhouse-To-Courthouse Pipeline

The "schoolhouse to courthouse pipeline" was stopped by the Virginia Senate this session after overwhelming legislative support.

Virginia Medicaid Recipients Now Imposed With Work Requirements

As contentious as the debate is on Medicaid in Virginia politics, Republicans have finally gotten work requirements with Democrats will vying for expansion.

Remso Republic Podcast: Valentines Day Is For Liberty Lovers

Are you extra flirty when you hear "taxation is theft?" Do you want someone to whisper in your ear "end the Fed?"

House Republicans Highly Productive During 2018 General Assembly

House Republicans have voted down over $770 million in new taxes on hardworking Virginians from Democrats in the General Assembly.

Kilgore Favors Workfare, Block Grants In Medicaid Expansion

Delegate Terry Kilgore (R-Gate City) breaks ranks, turning the question of Medicaid expansion into one of Medicaid reform.

McGuire Helps Goochland Drive-in; Thwarts $100mil Federal Fund Loss

The story of how Delegate John McGuire helped a Goochland drive-in theater get a highway sign and thwarted Virginia's $100 million loss of federal funds.