Sunday, June 16, 2019

Edge GOP: Republicans Turn Out More Voters, Have the Momentum Headed to November

It’s all about the enthusiasm, and voters are apparently seeing red. In a good way. Surging turnout in contested GOP primaries swamped their Democratic counterparts...
March for Life

Sen. Gillibrand: Pro-life Views are the New Racism

Holding pro-life views are now the moral equivalent of racism, according to one of the 23 Democrats running for President. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., told...

Northam Buys Off Legislators Who Call for His Resignation

How much money does it take to make a Democratic candidate forget about a call for resignation? If the latest round of campaign finance reports...

MCCARTY: Eight Ways Local Leaders Can Fight Predatory Towing

There are better ways to tackle parking violations in Virginia, writes McCarty.

Democrats: Set Aside Nasty Rhethoric; Also, You’re All Cowards

Set aside the nasty attacks and work with us. And by the way, you’re all cowards. That’s the message of Virginia Democrats headed into a...

Pelosi Takes The Gloves Off; Wants To See Trump In Prison

The Democratic hard-left pins their fortunes in 2020 on impeachment.

The Cost Of Local News Keeps Going Up

Charlottesville's C'ville Weekly discusses the rising cost of news that's fit to print.

All The Governor’s Horses; All The Governor’s Men

...isn't going to put Northam's legacy back together again.

Filler-Corn: It’s Unconscionable to Reject Ideas, Unless They’re Republican Ideas

It’s different if you’re a Democrat, apparently. Not only do Democrats get a free pass to stay in office after appearing in blackface, they also...

Northam Calls Special Session for Gun Control

Calling for more “votes and laws” over “thoughts and prayers,” Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam said he would call the Virginia General Assembly back into...

Speaker Cox: Tuition Freeze Working, Hopes to Make It Happen Again Next Year

Earlier this year, Virginia Republicans froze college tuition for the first time in 20 years. Now the highest ranking Republican in Richmond wants to...

Pot, Kettle: Democrat Takes Aim at GOP, Hits Self Squarely in Foot

For a rock aficionado, Democrat Del. Ibraheem Samriah seems to enjoy living in a glass house quite a bit. Samirah, the recently-elected Northern Virginia Democrat...

In Name Only: Reaction to Northam Report Shows Governor a Lame Duck

First came the report, which was inconclusive. Then came the reaction, which was anything but. To say the response to the Eastern Virginia Medical School...

Northam Photo Report Inconclusive, Governor’s Staff Blames Response on Stress from Abortion Comments

NORFOLK — While report commissioned by Eastern Virginia Medical School didn’t break much new ground on who was in the Governor’s infamous photo, it...
Pete Buttigieg

Democrat Keynote Speaker: Jefferson No, Late-Term Abortion Yes.

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg might feel right at home with Virginia Democrats at their annual gala fundraiser next month. Tax hikes? Yes. Thomas Jefferson? No....