Thursday, June 8, 2023

POLL: Youngkin Approval Rating Drops After VAHDA Fight; Biden at 42% in Virginia

Trump's lead over DeSantis grows to +20 in Virginia.

Mountain Valley Pipeline Back Thanks to McCarthy-Biden Debt Deal

Despite Kaine's best efforts, Manchin got his pipeline.

HANER: Time to Hold Firm on Tax Cuts

If there's any compromise to be had, writes TJIPP's Steve Haner, it is focusing tax cuts on individuals and not corporations.

Workplace Violence Against Health Care Workers On The Rise

The beginning of June marks the annual Hospitals Against Violence initiative focused on identifying strategies to combat workplace and community violence.

Youngkin Sends 100 Virginia National Guardsmen to US Border

With Mexican cartels making every state a border state, Youngkin activates the National Guard.

TURNER: Virginia Democrats Have New Tourism Twist

Enjoy our beaches! See our history! Get an abortion? Olivia Gans Turner with the Virginia Society for Human Life doesn't appreciate the abortion industry's push one bit.

FIVE QUESTIONS: Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares

Whether it is combatting addiction or standing up for freedom, the American Miracle has a fighter in Jason Miyares.

Youngkin Touches the Third Rail of Virginia Politics

The Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance (VAHDA) is none too pleased about Youngkin's betrayal on the right to retrieve -- and is in a mood...

LEAHY: Youngkin’s ‘Political Machine’ Said To Be Reconsidering 2024 Bid. They Shouldn’t.

On the topic of the growing GOP presidential field…there are whispers (none dare call them “wishcasting”…yet) that Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin may...

Patriotic Author Inspires Military Spouses At Fort Belvoir

Author Jennifer London recently visited Virginia to address military spouses at Fort Belvoir. London has been on a speaking tour over the past few months, seeking...

BREAKING: Reagan Republican AG Miyares Put on Russia’s List of “Banned Americans”

Weeks after his Poland visit, Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares joins an elite list of American leaders sanctioned by the Russian Federation.

FOTIS: This Is What National Police Week Truly Stands For

Police Week is here! This dedicated week of reflection and honor allows us to commemorate the commitment and sacrifice of our brave...
gerry connolly

Rep. Connolly’s Staffers Attacked In District Office

Two staffers in Rep. Gerry Connolly's (D) Virginia office have been rushed to the hospital after being attacked on Monday.

Virginia Judge Defends Handgun Purchases For 18-20 Year-Olds In New Ruling

In a groundbreaking decision, a federal judge in Virginia has ruled that a ban on handgun sales to individuals between the ages...

SHOCK POLL: Trump 49/42 Over Biden

Trump opens up with a +7 lead against Biden after a series of missteps on the economy, abortion, CRT, and the Ukraine conflict.