City Of Richmond Denies FOIA Request After Extraordinary Overtime Pay For City Employees

After Henrico and Chesterfield counties released their overtime pay figures via an FOIA request, the City of Richmond refused to do so, even after one DPU employee was paid for almost 1,900 hours of overtime in 2017.

Northam Vetoes GOP-Led Bills To Require Legislative Supermajority For Climate Change Initiatives

Requiring a two-thirds vote in the General Assembly to participate in cap-and-trade and other climate change mitigation initiatives "violates the Virginia Constitution and would significantly undercut efforts," Governor Northam says.

Did ‘#MeToo’ Forget About Justin Fairfax?

It is quite interesting that while the calls for Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax to resign are continuing, the protests that have blanketed Gov. Ralph Northam's reputation for racist photos have been absent for Fairfax's sexual assault and rape allegations.

Gruesome MS-13 Attack In Northern Virginia Could Give Life To Bill Banning Sanctuary Cities

As transnational gangs like MS-13 continue to plague the Northern Virginia area with horrific crimes, it is not legislation like banning sanctuary cities that "have negative impacts on public safety," which Governor Northam says, but the fact that there are none.  

SCOTUS To Consider Virginia’s Redistricting Impasse Monday

The U.S. Supreme Court will consider the fate of the Commonwealth's legislative map, which could again change the potential outcome of the 2019 elections following the unveil of the new map drawn by the court-appointed special master.

Trump Veto’s Congress’ Rebuke Of National Emergency Declaration

President Trump said he vetoed the "reckless resolution" because Congress' action was a "vote to deny the crisis on the southern border" and was a "vote against reality."

Richmond’s ‘Day Of Mourning’ To Show Solidarity Against Gov. Northam’s ‘Infanticide’ Comments

After 4,000 were present at the event in Albany, New York, just weeks ago, thousands are expected to be in attendance in Richmond, Virginia, to “stand in solidarity with the unborn and mourn over the sin of abortion.”
opioid epidemic

Virginia Enacts Law Allowing School Nurses To Administer Opioid Overdose Drugs

“More people died of overdose last year than died in the Vietnam War,” Delegate John McGuire said, speaking to the nationwide numbers of opioid-related deaths.

Northam Vetos Bill Expediting Concealed Handgun Permits For Non-Residents

It is unlikely the Republican-controlled General Assembly will gather the two-thirds vote necessary to override Governor Northam's veto. 

Study Shows Over 60 Percent Of Richmond Roads In ‘Poor’ Condition

However bad you thought the roads in Richmond, Virginia, were, you were probably right.

Healthcare Provisions In Trump’s Budget Would Give States Control Over Medicaid

Although the plan is impossible to pass with a Democratic majority in Congress, leaving Virginia in control of Medicaid funding via federal block grants could reignite last year's expansion battle.

Virginia Unemployment Rate Holds At 2.8 Percent For Sixth Consecutive Month

The last time Virginia's unemployment rate was this low was April 2001.

Dulles, Reagan Airports Fitted With Biometric Scanners For Government Facial Recognition Pilot Program

Although no laws exist governing the use of facial recognition technology, no court has ruled on whether it constitutes a search under the Fourth Amendment, and neither checks nor balances exist to guide the program, the U.S. government is working as fast as it can to implement it in every major airport in the country. 

Nancy Pelosi Backs Off Trump Impeachment, Says ‘He’s Just Not Worth It’

Days away from the release of Robert Mueller's report, which many believe will ruin Trump's presidency, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's comments about impeachment being off the table seem a bit odd. Is she alluding to something?
monument avenue

Lee Monument Regulations May Become Permanent, ACLU Wants Virginia To Remove Confederate Statue

Virginia's Department of General Services (DGS) is considering making former Governor Terry McAuliffe's emergency regulations regarding the monument dedicated to Confederate General Robert E. Lee permanent practice.