Sunday, August 18, 2019

Democrat Del. Carter: Abolish ICE, ‘Prosecute Leadership’

Immigration and Customs Enforcement should not only be abolished, but its leadership should be “prosecuted” for their “reign of terror,” according to a Democrat...

Montpelier Wins NEH Grant To Study Overseer Archaeology

Montpelier's excellent restoration effort gains both recognition and reinforcement with yet another grant award, this time from the NEH.

VHHA: Despite Concerns, Medicaid Expansion Retains Support

71% of Virginians support the Republican-brokered deal according to a new poll.

Democrats Connolly Follows Wexton, Beyer Towards Impeachment

The progressive fringe has Connolly and Wexton running scared. Why else would they embrace such an unpopular position?

JAMES: Defining The Principles of Conservatism

Kay Cole James with the Heritage Foundation plants the flag for conservative values in a time of upheaval.

Ambassador Gilmore Discusses US Mission To OCSE

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore is settling in nicely as US Ambassador to the OSCE.

Doxx Defender Joins Dem Drive for Donors

Are Virginia Democrats OK with doxxing opponents? Their latest fundraising email certainly leaves open the possibility. The party sent out a fundraising email earlier this...

PolitiFact: Most Criminals Don’t Go Through Background Checks for Guns

Criminals don’t follow the law. This painfully obvious truth is at the heart of a major problem with the latest round of gun control legislation...

Democrat Del. Levine: Unborn Children “Unimportant Like Toenail Clippings”

In late January, Democrat Del. Kathy Tran sparked a firestorm when she told a House panel that her bill would allow abortion until the...

Dems Turn on Terry McAuliffe for Self Serving Charlottesville Account

Virginia Democrats were counting on former Gov. Terry McAuliffe to raise money for them. Then he wrote a book about Charlottesville that has some Democrats...

Mass Shootings: Where Virginia Stands

Just over two months ago, a city worker in Virginia Beach methodically slaughtered 15 of his coworkers and a member of the public in...

The Apotheosis of Ibraheem: Inexperience in Ascendence

Quo vidas? Cui bono? Where are you going, and who benefits? Those are the two inescapable questions that Del. Ibraheem Samirah’s outburst in Jamestown have...

Lt. Gov. Fairfax Welcomes President Trump to Jamestown

For all the talk of Del. Ibraheem Samirah’s disruption of President Trump’s speech in Jamestown this week, at least one Democrat thought the event...
Ibraheem Outburst

Squad 2.0: Meet the New Face of the Democrat Party in Virginia

If you want a vision of the future of the Democrat Party of Virginia, imagine a young man in a bow-tie screaming at the...
Jamestown Church

Black Caucus Says Those Who Attend Jamestown Event “Complicit in Atrocities” Incited by President...

Editorial boards and columnists all around Virginia have called on Democrats not to boycott the historic events at Jamestown tomorrow, but some Democrats are...