Gov. Northam’s Gun Control Push Hits Brick Wall in Republican-Led House

Fourteen gun control bills were defeated by Virginia House Republicans, leaving four remaining. While gun rights supporters said Governor Northam's agenda appeared dead for the year, they warned these bills represented a wishlist by gun control proponents which could pass if Republicans lose the House and Senate this November.

Virginia Senate Votes 21-19 To Kill Minimum Wage Increase

With the legislation dead in the Senate, there is a minimum wage increase bill still in the Commerce and Labor Committee in the House of Delegates.

Those Who Fell For The Mob Reaction Should Be Completely Ashamed

Tolerance, so it seems, means never having to say you are sorry.  Fact of the matter is, the real story isn't what happened in Washington, but what happened on Twitter.

House Republicans Unveil Legislation From Select Committee On School Safety

The legislation based on the 24 priority recommendations from the Select Committee on School Safety are set to be voted on this week in the Virginia House of Delegates

Voter ID Laws Remain Widely Popular As Governor Northam Seeks Repeal

"Republicans have won the 'framing war' over voter ID, largely neutralizing the Democratic voter suppression frame, even among average Democrats," a 2017 study shows.

Trump Rolls Out Plan Teaming Border Wall Funding With DACA Extension

Following the rollout of the plan, congressional Democrats are continuing a war of pride that disregards compromise in the ongoing government shutdown.

GOP Condemns Guzman, Samirah for Attending Rally Tainted by Anti-Semitism

Del. Elizabeth Guzman and Ibraheem Samirah attended an event which national Democratic leaders denounced as anti-Semitic and tainted by racism and bigotry. Republican leaders condemned their attendance and called on them to denounce the views of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Virginia’s Unemployment Rate Holds At 2.8 Percent

Employment projections through 2024 show that Virginia's economy is set to grow 9.4 percent, exceeding the national growth rate of 6.5 percent.

Virginia Could Join Growing Number Of States Raising Tobacco-Buying Age To 21

The bipartisan, bicameral bill from Virginia lawmakers would increase the minimum age for those prohibited from "purchasing or possessing tobacco products, nicotine vapor products, and alternative nicotine products."

Will The Commonwealth Continue To Evade The Natural Right Of Religious Freedom?

"We are free to declare, and do declare that the rights hereby asserted, are of the natural rights of mankind, and that if any act shall be hereafter passed to repeal the present or to narrow its operation, such act will be an infringement of natural right," said Thomas Jefferson regarding any enacted premise that would strip Virginians, and indeed Americans, of their religious liberty.

Third Trimester Late Term Abortion Bill Backed by Northam, Fairfax, Herring, Democratic Legislators

Democratic leaders backed legislation repealing restrictions on third trimester late term abortions, repealing clinic health and safety standards, and eliminating informed consent requirements, among other provisions. They noted the measures were unlikely to pass in 2019, but vowed to enact them if Democrats take the Virginia House and Senate in November's elections.

House Education Committee Passes School Safety Bills Set Forth By First Select Committee In...

Addressing the committee, Speaker of the House Kirk Cox said the work done by the Select Committee on School Safety was "groundbreaking."

Millennial Republican Garrison Coward Launches Campaign For 68th House Of Delegates District

"Now is the time for our generation to stand up, stand firm, and stand for a Commonwealth that lights the way forward," said Garrison Coward upon his announcement to campaign for the 68th House District in the 2019 statewide elections.

Senator Amanda Chase’s Bill For Emergency Personnel To Carry Concealed Weapons Passes Committee Vote

After generating serious buzz by presenting her bill while packing heat, legislation to allow emergency services personnel in Virginia to carry a concealed weapon made it out of the Senate Courts of Justice Committee Wednesday night.

Speaker Cox Reaffirms Virginia’s Commitment to Veterans During Policy Roundtable

Cox met with leaders from the American Legion and the Joint Leadership Council of Veteran Services Organizations to listen to concerns and discuss seven priority recommendations from the JLC intended to benefit Virginia's veterans.