Former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton Tapped As National Security Adviser

Former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton has been tapped by President Donald Trump as the White House's new National Security Adviser.

Wexton’s Own Poll Shows 70 Percent Of Dems Not Voting For Her

Meanwhile in VA-10, embattled Democratic State Senator Jenny Wexton (D-Fairfax) is struggling to get support from even 3 in 10 of her own political base.

LINGAMFELTER: What Both Sides Want In Korea

Former Delegate Scott Lingamfelter is showing no signs of fading into retirement, as the noted military expert is making the rounds. Lingamfelter's exposition on what...

Citigroup Imposes Restrictions On Firearm Purchases

Citigroup's CEO has announced stringent policies for clients purchasing firearms. Does this circumvent the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?

Trump Tacks $60 Billion Tariff On China For Unfair Trade Practices

President Donald Trump announces a $60 billion tariff on China after unfair trade practices and stealing American intellectual property.

Voter Intimidation Charges Roil Richmond Democrats

Allegations of voter intimidation and a corrupt electoral process as led Richmond City Democratic Party's chairman, J.J. Minor, to be thrown out.

WILSON: Time For Facebook To Face The Music

So long as technology is wedded to Moore's Law, culture will struggle to keep up, creating easy prey for the technorati who understand the new rules.  

Your 18 Minutes of Civilization

The best part? Stile Antico is coming to Richmond on Friday, April 6th at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.

Joint Statement From Speaker Kirk Cox, GOP Leaders On Special Session

A joint statement has been released by Speaker Kirk Cox and the Republican leadership after bills introduced by the governor ahead of the special session.

Democratic Aggression Flounders Against Virginia’s Iron Lady

In the fight for VA-10, incumbent Barbara Comstock understands that all politics is local - voters won't be pressured by the larger progressive narrative.

Virginia Interfaith Center Praises Senator Hanger On Healthcare Expansion

“We’re just trying to be political realists,” said Del. Terry Kilgore. “It’s here to stay, so Virginia has to make the best of a bad situation.”

Scott Taylor Discusses Russian Sanctions After Cyberattacks

After sanctions were imposed on Russian aggressors stemming from cyberattacks on the U.S. and Western allies, Scott Taylor discussed if they are enough.
main street station

Richmond City Council Proposes Budget Cuts To Main Street Station

The Richmond City Council has forwarded $927,554 worth of budget increases, but also $1.52 million in cuts, mostly from Richmond's Main Street Station. 

Northam Vetoes Bills Capping State Legal Fees, Franchise Labor Law

In his first veto session as governor, Ralph Northam put caps on state legal fees and franchise labor laws on the chopping block.

Virginia’s Pamunkey Tribe Considers $700 Million Casino

After gaining federal recognition and the General Assembly's gambling expansion, the Pamunkey Tribe will develop a $700 million casino in the Commonwealth.