Friday, January 22, 2021

KIRWIN: Continued Infighting Over Nomination Methods Must End

Kirwin: "It is no longer the party’s job to choose a nomination method.  That job is complete.  The party’s job now is to make the choice work."

Biden Stumbles Immediately Out Of The Gate

Biden's caging of unity over the progressive agenda or else being part of the disunity of the last four years is a dangerous course to plot.

Democrats and Media Conflate Peaceful Protestors with White Supremacists

When the media conflates every person exercising their 1A and 2A rights as some sort of extremist, they're only creating conditions that make criticism and dissent more difficult.

Northam Conspires To Leave Senate Seat Vacant To Ensure Progressive Dominance

Bader notes that the Code of Virginia requires the governor to call a special election and does not leave it to his mere discretion.

Republicans Hit Back After Northam’s State of the Commonwealth Address

Former House Speaker Kirk Cox (R-Colonial Heights) and State Senator John Cosgrove (R-Chesapeake) deliver one of the most stinging indictments of a sitting governor in a generation.

Democrats Take $600K Shadow Payoff Ahead of General Assembly Session

A shadow organization called the Zinc Collective dropped $600,000 on the House Democrats just one day after the US Captiol riot. Why?

Northam: Not All Riots Are Created Equal

Governor Northam held a press conference on Thursday, and he had a message for those who would bring violence or riots to...

Ambassador Jim Gilmore Offers Final Remarks as OSCE Ambassador

Former Governor Jim Gilmore offers his final remarks as ambassador, emphasizing the essential role -- and essential future -- of the OSCE.

COX: Campaigns Should Not Pressure RPV To Reverse Convention

Cox: "Neither my campaign team nor I will pressure—directly or indirectly—the Party into choosing one nomination method over another."

With 780,000 COVID Vaccines, Why Have Only 25% Of Them Been Administered?

The answer?  Logistics and a failure to plan accordingly.

GINSBERG: Reversing Course On Convention Breaks Our Word To Virginia Republicans

Reversing the convention now would prove SCC to be inconsistent and unpredictable and erode the confidence Virginia Republicans have in us as RPV’s governing body, writes Ginsberg.

Cox Rolls Out Pro-Education, Pro-Veteran Legislative Agenda

Cox has taken it upon himself to roll out a legislative agenda that reads more like a Contract With Virginia.

If Red Tape Pushes Dominion Rates Higher, Why Do Democrats Want More Red Tape?

Business is bad enough in Virginia.  Why crack down on one of the first building blocks on Virginia's economic recovery?

Cox Establishes Gubernatorial Bid With Early Endorsement Lead

Cox's endorsements and his steady brand of leadership is living up the promise of uniting the Republican coalition in the face of Democratic intransigence -- and appears to be just warming up the engines. 

Lastest Report Shows VHHA Provided $3.2bn In Community Benefit

Virginia hospitals provide more than 132,000 direct jobs with more than $8.5 billion in payroll and benefits, and hospitals generate roughly $40 billion in annual economic impact for the Commonwealth