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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

UVA, Implicit Bias, and Statistics

Argumentum ad actuariorum (n.) A fallacious argument that concludes a proposition to be true just because someone trots out a statistic.

MSNBC Finally Turns on the Clintons

Seems like the lifetime pass from the left for Bill and Hillary Clinton has been revoked.

Jennifer Wexton Continues To Lose The VA-10 Democratic Civil War

There's no question that it has been a long bruising couple of months for the sagging Wexton campaign.

RTD: Military Can Learn To Live With Offshore Drilling

It might serve everyone better if the objections to offshore drilling were simply a bit more honest with their reasons and outcomes. 

LINGAMFELTER: To Save Conservatism, Rescue Our Institutions

Until conservatives take up their responsibilities in our civic institutions -- sacred, secular, private, public and political -- we will continue to fail.

House Tax Reform Should Put SALT Back On The Table

Without this one solution, a policy of double-taxation will mean massive real estate property tax hikes as localities cope with federal funding shortfalls. 

Jordan Peterson and Religion on the Internet

The greatest power a state can possess is the power to control what they say, and this allows the state to alter the nature of truth and reality itself.

Progressive Democrats Are Ill-Served Attacking Dominion Energy

The steps to attracting Facebook and Amazon -- not to mention making the Port of Virginia an international port of call? All flow through Dominion Energy.

Are Virginia Democrats Lying In Order To Steal An Election?

Who needs Russians when you have Virginia Democrats?

LINGAMFELTER: Permanent Things, Right Reason, and Moral Imagination

Slogans won’t get us to the place we need to be as conservatives fighting for the hearts and minds of the nation.

Obamacare Repeal To Be Added To Trump Tax Reform?

Encouraging news from Washington as U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seems to have received the message from Virginia's Tuesday elections.

Time To End The Moral Subsidization of Roy Moore

Yes, the Democrats are leveraging the suffering of victims for political gain. That shouldn't mean we turn a blind eye to the allegations against Roy Moore.

Trump Approval Ratings At 46% After Successful Asia-Pacific Tour

News of a rising economy and successful tour of the Asia-Pacific region give President Trump a slight bump in his approval ratings, according to Rasmussen.

DANIELS: What Value Do Confederate Monuments Possess?

Daniels: "Instrumental reasons are not necessarily connected to the personal and moral ideals of white supremacists or multiculturalists."

After Attacking Lobbyists, Northam Hires One

Even Terry McAuliffe didn't load up his transition team with lobbyists and union chiefs.