Millennials In General Assembly Start Virginia Future Caucus

Steven Oilkara, founder of the Millennial Action Project, announced to the Virginia General Assembly the formation of the bipartisan Virginia Future Caucus.

HAYMORE: Energy Improvements Critical To Virginia Economy

Our antiquated one-way transmission lines require an upgrade in an era of solar panels, rechargeable vehicles, and hardening against electromagnetic threat.
interstate 81

Interstate 81 Repairs Could Come From Gas Taxes And Tolls

Virginia legislators begin responding to President Trump's infrastructure plan with a proposed Western Virginia Transportation Fund to improve I-81.

Virginia Senate Stops Schoolhouse-To-Courthouse Pipeline

The "schoolhouse to courthouse pipeline" was stopped by the Virginia Senate this session after overwhelming legislative support.

Virginia Medicaid Recipients Now Imposed With Work Requirements

As contentious as the debate is on Medicaid in Virginia politics, Republicans have finally gotten work requirements with Democrats will vying for expansion.

Remso Republic Podcast: Valentines Day Is For Liberty Lovers

Are you extra flirty when you hear "taxation is theft?" Do you want someone to whisper in your ear "end the Fed?"

House Republicans Highly Productive During 2018 General Assembly

House Republicans have voted down over $770 million in new taxes on hardworking Virginians from Democrats in the General Assembly.

Kilgore Favors Workfare, Block Grants In Medicaid Expansion

Delegate Terry Kilgore (R-Gate City) breaks ranks, turning the question of Medicaid expansion into one of Medicaid reform.

McGuire Helps Goochland Drive-in; Thwarts $100mil Federal Fund Loss

The story of how Delegate John McGuire helped a Goochland drive-in theater get a highway sign and thwarted Virginia's $100 million loss of federal funds.

The Anti-Christian Alt-Right

There's a big difference between the alt-right and Christianity, and it lies within the question of who made whom: Christianity or the West?

Virginia Senate Passes Law To Expunge First Time Marijuana Charge

Senate Bill 954 is set to allow someone to pay a $150 fee to have a first time marijuana possession expunged from their record.

Trump Infrastructure Plan Features Rural Broadband, Port of Virginia

The proposed $200 billion federal investment is seen as a financial catalyst for additional funds for infrastructure from localities and private investors.

Unanimous Support For Sturtevant Richmond Schools Bill

After a 40-0 vote, Senator Sturtevant's RPS bill will go to the House of Delegates hours before the Richmond City Council votes to hike the meals tax.

UVA Ranked #1 AP Top 25 After Loss To Virginia Tech

After leaving the court on Saturday with their heads down, Monday's rankings release has everyone at UVA cheering after climbing to number one in AP Top 25.

Criminal Alien Gang Removal Act To Crackdown On MS-13

The Republican-led Criminal Alien Gang Removal Act (S.B. 2380) will help protect people from criminal gangs, especially the transnational MS-13 gang.