Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Richmond’s Metzger Bar and Butchery Denies Service to Christian Non-Profit

The most recent flare up in Richmond doesn't point towards a more kind or less coarse culture.

Why Google’s Newest GPL-3 Chatbot is Making Headlines

Fascinating progress, to be sure, but certainly more artificial than intelligent.

Anti-Religious Satanic Group Demands Equal Treatment in Chesapeake

What spurred the ASS Club to petition to form a group in a primary school of all places? 

Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Department Featured On National Cop Show

A Virginia Sheriff's Department had the chance to showcase its work to a nationwide audience on Friday and Saturday night. The Sheriff's Department in Spotsylvania...

After Spectacular Kiggans Win, Navy Officer Kevin Adams Announces in SEN-07

Kiggans won the seat in SEN-07 by just 600 votes in the previous election. 

LINGAMFELTER: Virginia’s Northam Learning Gap

It should surprise no one. After the ill-conceived March 2020 closing of Virginia’s public schools by former Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam, it should have been...

BOWDEN: Virginia’s History and Social Sciences Choice

The 402-page woke Virginia education curriculum are set to be replaced by a historically factual 53-page guideline that actually teaches Virginia history, writes Bowden. They couldn't come at a better time.

Moderate No More: Spanberger Tapped as Chief Partisan for Democrat Battleground Caucus

After a solid victory in VA-07, Spanberger is being tapped by House Democrats to be chief partisan in red state districts.

New VPAP Modelling Shows Why Virginia Republicans Are Losing Elections

Virginia west of Roanoke remains an untapped resource for consistent Republican (or conservative) grassroots mobilizing.

Democrats Kicks Off Speculation for McEachin’s Spot in VA-04

Democrats have already begun their maneuverings to succeed the Virginia legend with two names percolating to the forefront.