Friday, January 21, 2022

Private Messages Reveal How Virginia Teachers Plan to Deal With Maskless Kids

Following his inauguration Saturday, Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed a series of executive orders, including one that lets Virginia's parents decide if their child has...

Virginia’s New Opportunity Officer Isn’t Wasting Any Time

Youngkin's newest appointee is already cleaning house and bringing opportunity back to Richmond.

Local Democrats Resist Youngkin’s Order Ending Mask Mandates

Local school boards are fighting Youngkin's executive order to unmask Virginia.

Biden Tells Ukrainians They Are Going To Lose; Hopes They Kill a Ton of...

The Biden White House isn’t precisely exuding leadership at present. 

FACTCHECK: Facts Can Be Artfully Arranged to Drive Political Narratives!

Can we simply end the pretense of factchecking yet?

HANER: A Regulatory Path to Repeal the RGGI Carbon Tax

The shrinking group of sensible Democrats will need to decide if Virginia can prosper in an economy tied to unreliable sources.

The RGGI’s Cap and Tax Scheme Deserves to Die (and the Dems Know It...

RGGI was unaffordable from the get go; lining up ratepayers as hostages isn't right or fair, and the sooner RGGI goes away the better.

A New Day for Virginia

I moved to Virginia in November of 2008 to take a job in the railroad industry. The Virginia I found was quite an interesting...

Virginia Hospitals Provide $3.1 Billion in Community Benefit, $45 Billion in Positive Economic Impact

VHHA highlights the substantial community contributions, public health and safety investments, and economic impact Virginia’s local hospitals and health systems make.

Utah Rep. Burgess Owens Has Had Enough of the Soft Bigotry of Lowered Expectations

In Washington, the debate over the racially charged Democratic vote rigging bill is already making national waves.