Saturday, September 18, 2021

Miyares Takes Democrat Herring To Task In BLISTERING New Ad

Republican challenger Delegate Jason Miyares (R-Virginia Beach) is out with a blistering new ad.

The Trump Effect: Republican Latino Voters Surge in California

Trump's popularity with minority voters is starting to alarm Democrats.

VDH Announces QR Codes For Proof of COVID Vaccination

The new SMART Health app will allow small businesses to scan customers to see if they are vaccinated.

Time For TRS Debate Bingo!

The truth shall take wing.

General Milley: None Dare Call It Treason

General Mark Milley did more to undermine democracy than any other person in America.

Virginia Redistricting Scraps Regional Approaches; Will Reveal Full Maps By Sept. 20th

Thus far, the maps generated by the commission have been pleasingly compact and free from contagion from elected officials.

Loudoun County Parents Run $500K Ad Taking On CRT

As Virginia's local school boards continue to push CRT and transgenderism on kids, parents in Loudoun County have had enough.

The Biden-Pelosi Tax Grab Cometh…

...and wallets across America tremble.

Hot New Chant At Football Games Is Raising Eyebrows

...and it's not making Joe Biden very happy.
March for Life

The Third Annual Richmond March For Life Is Coming

Mark your calendars!