AG Miyares Joins Effort To Challenge Biden’s Title IX Changes

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares has joined a coalition of Republican attorneys general from multiple states in opposition to new Title IX regulations aimed at safeguarding victims of campus sexual assault and LGBTQ+ students’ rights. Miyares labeled the alterations as a “dangerous overhaul” of Title IX, expressing concerns about its impact on students, families, and […]

Buc-ees Eyes Stafford As Third Virginia Location

Company has submitted a conditional use application to allow construction of a travel center with vehicle fuel sales in Garrisonville district. Buc-ees, the Texas-based chain of travel centers, is looking at Stafford County as the site of its third Virginia location. The company wants to open a travel center on a 36.18-acre site at the […]

George Washington University Administrators Sentenced By Student Tribunal

A mock tribunal at George Washington University’s Gaza Solidarity Encampment sentenced school administrators on Friday. Student agitators tried President Ellen Granberg, Provost Christopher Bracey, the Board of Trustees, campus police, and others, all in absentia. And it was all caught on camera. At one point, an unidentified female activist asks the crowd, “How do the […]

LINGAMFELTER: The New Brownshirts

Sometimes I wonder if we have lost our nation to infantile and spoiled brats who think they are sufficiently knowledgeable of world events when in fact they are narrow-minded—and lately—profoundly anti-Semitic.  I speak of the Hamas apologists who have brought violence to our intellectually castrated university campuses across the country.  They remind me of the […]

DAVIS: Adult Literacy is a Growing Problem

Can you name the last book that you read? For about a quarter of Americans, if they can remember a title, it’s been more than a year since they’ve read it. According to a 2021 Pew Research survey, roughly a quarter of American adults—including 38 percent of Hispanic adults, 25 percent of Black adults and 20 percent of […]

Anti-Israel Encampment Pops Up At Virginia Tech

To the delight of Iran’s mullahs and their proxies, another pro-Palestinian (i.e., anti-Zionist/antisemitic) encampment popped up on a major college campus on Friday. This time, it wasn’t in New York, New Haven or Cambridge but amidst the conservative bastion that is Southwest Virginia. BREAKING: The Encampment at Virginia Tech appears to have taken down all […]

Virginia Needs More Republicans Like David Botkins

You’re not going to find a Republican more in love with the GOP as an institution in Virginia’s 1st District. Rarely does The Republican Standard extend our endorsement. In fact, our mission statement and manifesto explicitly states that we intend to refrain entirely from intramural contests. Too often and especially during primary season, Republicans — unable to take on […]

LINGAMFELTER: Getting it Right

After years of fighting counterinsurgency wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the US Army has a tough mission ahead of it.  During those counterinsurgency years—some of which continues today as we keep a lid on any resurgence of ISIS—the US Army engaged in a combination of urban warfare and search and destroy missions.  The tactical skills […]