Wednesday, December 4, 2019

RSLC’s Unprecedented Play in Virginia

The outcome of the 2019 legislative elections is not what Republicans wanted to see, but it does not come without any silver linings. Democrats continue...

WILSON: Democrats Didn’t Win, They Bought The Election in Virginia

Virginia Republicans need to take the fight to the Democrats in 2020 and prove we can come to our own rescue, writes Wilson.

House Freedom Caucus Endorses Riggleman For Congress

Denver has fought together with the Freedom Caucus on the issues that matter most and has always stood up for Americans’ Constitutional rights,” said Congressman Biggs.

Virginia’s Accumulator Adjustor Program Ban Protects Consumers

Championed by Del. Tim Hugo (R) and Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant (R), the AAP ban is keeping health care costs affordable.

Bloomberg Attempts to Suppress GOP Vote Going into Final Weekend

Not content with pouring millions of dollars into hotly-contested Virginia General Assembly races, Democrat Michael Bloomberg's Everytown For Gun Safety has branched out in...

“Failed” and “Silenced” – New GOP Ads Aim to Hold House Dems Accountable for...

House Democrats spent most of 2019 working to keep two alleged survivors of sexual assault from telling their stories. Now, two of them are being...

Democrats Hit the Panic Button, Dump $335,000 to Turn the Tide in Hampton Roads

House District 83 was supposed to be low hanging fruit for Virginia Democrats this year. After a court ordered redistricting changed the partisan baseline of...

Extremist Lindsey Doughtery Promises to Vote for the Abortion Until Birth Bill if Dems...

Democrat Lindsey Dougherty likes to tell voters she doesn't support Democrat Kathy Tran's late-term abortion until birth bill. But when talking to supporters, she...

Democratic Boosterism For Transgenders, Abortion Occupies Last Week Of Virginia Elections

Virginia Democrats continue to champion abortion on demand just days before the November elections.

Keep Your Eyes On This Backdoor APCD Medicaid-For-All Scheme

If there is a solution out there, APCD raises more questions than answer by a mile.