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In Bernie Sanders’ America, We All Work For Big Brother

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is getting ready to announce an official proposal that would guarantee a federal job with at least a $15 per hour wage and free health insurance benefits to every American, "who wants or needs one" because in Bernie's America, we all work for Big Brother.
Music Modernization Act

Goodlatte’s Music Modernization Act To Revolutionize Streaming Industry

Congress will take up a bill later this week from Republican Bob Goodlatte (VA-6) that will revolutionize the music industry and how the makers of music are paid and compensated. Called the Music Modernization Act, it would benefit songwriters and producers that are currently subject to a system over 100 years old. 

Politico: Three Conservative Virginia Women Make Power List

Politico recently highlighted women working in politics and policy-making process throughout the country and worldwide. As there were many to choose from, they selected...

Glenn Davis Decides Against Running For Virginia Beach Mayor

Following the resignation of Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms, Delegate Glenn Davis (R-Virginia Beach) said he was considering running for the empty seat in Virginia's most-populous city. However, he has just decided against the move, citing protecting the one-seat majority Republicans hold in the House of Delegates.

Stocks Down 425 As Tech Takes Hit; High 10-Year Treasury Yields

Stocks took a beating today as the Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the trading day down 425 points, 1.73 percent. The market had a slight uptick from mid-day as the stock exchange was reporting the Dow was down at least 600 points at one point.

Northam Signs Bills Thwarting NextGen America’s Shady FOIA Tactics

Democrats were in hot water over a clandestine political operation undertaken in Virginia prior to last year's election. After it was found that a PAC called NextGen America was working to bolster liberals by filing FOIAs to secure the phone numbers of voters, Governor Northam signed two bill prohibiting the action.
prison reform

Virginia Lawmaker Helps Introduce Women-Driven Prison Reform Bill

Many claim smaller, yet priority legislative initiatives like prison reform have taken a back seat to bigger-ticket items. Though, recently, Republican Congressman Scott Taylor (VA-2) and Democratic Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman introduced the bipartisan "Pathway to Parenting" Act.

VDOT Claims Fixing All Roads, Highways And Bridges Is Impossible

The roads, highways, bridges, and tunnels that make up the vast transportation network in Virginia are far from being considered in perfect condition. VDOT acknowledges this, but also says it's "impossible" to fix them all.

Virginia’s Unemployment Rate Lowest Since 2008 At 3.4 Percent

As the nation's unemployment has held at 4.1 percent for the last few months, Virginia is actually doing slightly better with the Commonwealth's unemployment rate falling to 3.4 percent.
general assembly

Millions More For General Assembly Overhaul After Delays And Cost Overruns

The Virginia state government's replacement of the century-old General Assembly building has risen in projected cost by at least $24 million due to delays and other cost overruns.