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In Heartfelt Speech, Del. Margaret Ransone Defends Women’s Achievement While Opposing ERA

In a viral speech, Ransone responded to earlier attempts to silence her point of view on the Equal Rights Amendment by reflecting on her career, her accomplishments, and her service in Virginia's House of Delegates. Speaking to young women, she urged them to follow their dreams, saying the 14th Amendment protected their rights.

K-9 Officers Garner More Protections Against Abuse With GOP-Led Bill

As the Virginia State Senate is set to vote on legislation that would classify abusing a family pet a felony, they are setting their sights on providing the same measures against those who abuse or kill law enforcement animals.

Bill Repealing Suspension Of Driver’s Licenses For Unpaid Court Costs Heads To Senate Floor

The legislation from Senator Bill Stanley would repeal the requirement that the driver's license of a person convicted of any violation of the law - who fails or refuses to provide for immediate payment of fines or costs - be suspended by the state's judicial system. 

Political Redistricting Map Chosen By Federal Court Heavily Favors Democrats Ahead Of 2019 Election

At least six Republican delegates would be running in districts where a majority of voters chose President Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election.
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‘Numerous Changes’ To Virginia’s Foster Care System Proposed By GOP State Senator

After last year's distressing report of Virginia's foster care system by JLARC, Senator Bryce Reeves' bill would "address the issues that are critical to the care, custody, and control" of foster care children to have a "direct impact on day one."

As Voter ID Repeal Considered, One Lawmaker Wants Stricter Photo ID Requirements for Pawn...

As Governor Northam and his legislative allies consider repealing Virginia's voter ID requirement, favored by nearly four in five voters, one Democratic lawmaker is proposing tougher identification requirements for pawnbrokers.

Republican Bill Would Make Abusing Dogs Or Cats A Felony In Virginia

If enacted, when one abuses a cat or dog they could be charged with a Class 6 felony and receive up to five years in prison.

Virginia Mulls Paying Drivers To Battle Congestion, But Concerns Of Tracking Them Remain

Contentions with utilizing artificial intelligence and information gathering to improve Virginia roadways do not lie within the technological advancements, but the humans using the system. 

Supreme Court Upholds Transgender Military Ban As Lower Court Cases Proceed

In a 5-4 decision, the justices upheld the enforcement of the ban on transgender military service members while litigation continues as it returns to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for further proceedings. 

Gov. Northam’s Gun Control Push Hits Brick Wall in Republican-Led House

Fourteen gun control bills were defeated by Virginia House Republicans, leaving four remaining. While gun rights supporters said Governor Northam's agenda appeared dead for the year, they warned these bills represented a wishlist by gun control proponents which could pass if Republicans lose the House and Senate this November.