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Lawmakers, Dominion Applaud Grid Security and Transformation Act

Better than a compromise, the General Assembly arrives at an energy solution where literally everyone wins.

FBI May Have Paid For Anti-Trump Dossier, Senate Testimony Shows

August testimony from Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, taken by the Senate Judiciary Committee, shows that the FBI may have paid for anti-Trump dossier.

House Adjourned by Steny Hoyer, Democrats, Shutdown Awaits

Hypocrisy among Democrats threatens funding for the government and CHIP. Steny Hoyer moves to adjourn the House and let the shutdown happen.

U.S. Oil Production Passes Saudi Arabia, Nearing Russia

U.S. oil production is surging in 2018, surpassing Saudi Arabia and coming close to that of Russia. The U.S. may be the world's top producer by 2020.

Republicans Fund CHIP, Democrats Hold Government Hostage

House Republicans voted in favor of a resolution to extend funding for CHIP and for the federal government, but Senate Democrats refuse to pass.

No, Homeschooling is NOT a “Sickening Danger”

If you haven’t heard of the horrors at the Turpin household in Perris, CA, be warned that reading accounts can be quite unsettling. The...
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Trump’s Fake News Awards Announced, CNN Wins

91 percent of media coverage on Donald Trump was negative in 2017, prompting the first-annual Fake News Awards from the president.

How Partisan Is Liberal Congressman Don Beyer?

Liberal Don Beyer continues to attack Barbara Comstock and fight against nonpartisan measures that honor our nation's greatest.

Rural Area Broadband Top Virginia Legislative Priority

Legislation seeking additional funding to bring broadband to rural Virginians has been named a top priority during the 2018 Session of the General Assembly.

Charlottesville Businesses Are Suffering Dramatically Thanks To Lee Statue Fight

Charlottesville's Lee Statue -- under tarp since August 2017 -- continues to be emblematic of the city's capacity for dysfunction rather than resistance.