Friday, May 26, 2023

Youngkin Touches the Third Rail of Virginia Politics

The Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance (VAHDA) is none too pleased about Youngkin's betrayal on the right to retrieve -- and is in a mood...

Patriotic Author Inspires Military Spouses At Fort Belvoir

Author Jennifer London recently visited Virginia to address military spouses at Fort Belvoir. London has been on a speaking tour over the past few months, seeking...

BREAKING: Reagan Republican AG Miyares Put on Russia’s List of “Banned Americans”

Weeks after his Poland visit, Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares joins an elite list of American leaders sanctioned by the Russian Federation.

FOTIS: This Is What National Police Week Truly Stands For

Police Week is here! This dedicated week of reflection and honor allows us to commemorate the commitment and sacrifice of our brave...
gerry connolly

Rep. Connolly’s Staffers Attacked In District Office

Two staffers in Rep. Gerry Connolly's (D) Virginia office have been rushed to the hospital after being attacked on Monday.

Virginia Judge Defends Handgun Purchases For 18-20 Year-Olds In New Ruling

In a groundbreaking decision, a federal judge in Virginia has ruled that a ban on handgun sales to individuals between the ages...

SHOCK POLL: Trump 49/42 Over Biden

Trump opens up with a +7 lead against Biden after a series of missteps on the economy, abortion, CRT, and the Ukraine conflict.

S01E01: The New Dominion Podcast

Turns out, engaging the left on the battlefield of ideas doesn't have to be a Hobbesian exchange after all. Our new joint project with F2S's Marty Davis.

Reeves Victorious in SD-28 at 76%; McGuire in 2-1 Romp in SD-10

Reeves and McGuire -- known for their work ethic both on the campaign trail and in Richmond -- managed to make the case for the hearts and minds of the Republican faithful.

CORTEZ: Local and National Marketing on Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo's little known history is an opportunity to reflect on little known candidates, writes Daniel Cortez.