Sunday, September 24, 2023

The “I” Stands For Idiot

Any third-party run makes about as much sense as a sandwich with no bread.

Virginia Mom Looks To Use Hunter Biden’s Deal As Justification For Leniency

A Virginia mother charged with lying about her drug use when purchasing a handgun, which her six-year-old son took to school and used to...

Sears Speaks Out After Race-Based Admissions Decision

Virginia's second most powerful Republican hasn't been holding back when it comes to sharing her thoughts on the controversial decision made by the Supreme...

Abortion Rates Skyrocket in Post-Dobbs America

The so-called "drop" in abortions nationally is a myth. Chemical abortions -- RU486 -- are harder to track and more prevalent than any time before.

Check Out Which New Virginia Laws Go Into Effect July 1st

Blue lights on vehicles banned, tax relief for small businesses... find out how these new laws will impact you this weekend.

HOLLINGSWORTH: Destroying the Commonwealth in Order to Save it

The California inspired "green energy" mandates imposed by the Northam-era General Assembly are running into serious physical limitations, writes Hollingsworth.

WMAL Announces New Weekend Programming: “The All-American Book Club” Show

Are you feeling like you need some more content in your life centered around the great American values of faith, family, and freedom? I might...

Miyares Visits Crisis Pregnancy Center of the Tidewater During Fundraising Drive

Pro-life CPCs have been under attack in the wake of the Dobbs ruling. Miyares joins state attorneys general in helping those who help mothers...

Billionaire Donor Calls Youngkin ‘Ideal’ White House Candidate

While the 2024 Republican primary field continues to attract high-profile contenders to the ring some top GOP donors are holding out hope...

The Problem Isn’t Guns, It’s Richmond

Virginia Democrats and their failed policies -- not the 2A -- have made Virginia a more dangerous place for our children.