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Protect And Serve Act Passes In U.S House During Police Week

Congress acted upon the sentiments of National Police Week by voting 382-35 to pass the Barbara Comstock co-sponsored Protect and Serve Act.

Congressional Democrats Release Massive Tax Hike Agenda

Congressional Democrats have released a detailed tax increase agenda that they promise to implement if their party takes back control of Congress following the November midterm elections.

Haspel Survives Grilling From Senate Dems, Recommended For CIA

The Senate Intelligence Committee has voted 10-5 to recommend Gina Haspel to be confirmed as President Trump's pick for Director of the CIA. The move follows weeks worth of criticism towards Haspel over her former role in the agency's post-9/11 era enhanced interrogation and detention practices.

Is Eco-Terrorism Coming To Southwest Virginia?

As Green Antifa once again publicly threatens to use violence, who has to get hurt (or worse) before anyone takes Green Antifa at their word? 

New Program To Help Veterans Campaign For Public Office

In 1969, 75 percent of senators and congressmen had served in the military, but by the beginning of the Afghanistan War, that number dropped...

A Look Back At Some Odd Bills In The General Assembly.

While a majority of the General Assembly deals with the big-ticket items like Medicaid expansion, two-year budgets, tax increases or decreases, and bolstering the...

Crowdpac CEO Suspends All Republican Accounts Over Trumpism

Crowdpac, the crowdfunding site used for political campaigns, has suspended all of its accounts for Republican candidates, citing the values of the Republican Party, President Donald Trump, and all instances of "Trumpism" are not in line with the company’s own values.

Virginia Senate Reconvenes On May 22 For Final Action On Budget

The State Senate now has a date to return to the General Assembly building to finalize a biennial state budget, but it also needs to articulate a budget that it is willing to pass.
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AP Reveals New Strategy To Revolutionize Exit Polls

On Tuesday, The Associated Press announced that they will begin conducting an elaborate voter survey following elections that is set to replace the traditional in-person exit polls that are so widely used.

Teen Vogue Dreams Of Dickensian London As They Romanticize Karl Marx

Basing a world view built on the allegories of a back street Dickensian London is nothing less than a childish, sheepheaded attempt to justify one's own lackluster place in society, but completely fine for Teen Vogue as they romanticize Karl Marx.