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Gaslighting Governor Northam Blames ‘White Privilege’ For Racist Photos

Continuing to embarrass the Commonwealth, Governor Ralph Northam (D) chalks up blackface to white privilege.

Fairfax Scandal Deepens As Staffers Resign, Accusers Look To Testify

Four aides to Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax (D) have resigned as his two accusers, Dr. Vanessa Tyson and Meredith Wilson, look to testify to the alleged sexual assault and rape allegations.

RPV Accosts Democrats For Giving AG Herring Hypocritical ‘Hall Pass’

“What is the difference between Governor Northam’s blackface and AG Herring’s?" RPV Chairman Jack Wilson asks.

Justin Fairfax Suspended From Law Firm As Sexual Assault Allegations Investigated

The law firm that employs Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax (D) has placed him on leave as they retain outside counsel to investigate sexual assault and rape allegations made against him.

Congressional Democrats Block Bill Outlawing Infanticide

Democratic lawmakers, both state and federal, remain committed to supporting infanticide.

Controversy Continues As Ralph Northam Calls Slaves Brought To Virginia Colony ‘Indentured Servants’

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) shows off his historical ineptness during his first interview since his racial controversy began.

Northam to Serve Remainder of Term, as Fairfax Faces Impeachment

Northam vows to serve out his term as pending impeachment proceedings loom over Fairfax. Many Democrats are livid at the outcome, feeling that Fairfax's scandal distracted from Northam's, amid accusations by Fairfax that opposition supporters leaked the existence of the first assault allegation against him.

Justin Fairfax, Former Frat President Now Accused of Rape, Defended Duke’s Greek System Against...

In 2000, the year of the alleged rape, Justin Fairfax defended Duke University's fraternities against charges of excessive binge drinking, one year after Alpha Phi Alpha, of which he served as chapter president, faced dissolution by a university committee for reports of policy violations.

Sponsor of 40 Week Abortion Bill Rumored as Replacement for Lt. Gov. Fairfax

State Sen. Jennifer McClellan has been floated to replace Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who faces Democratic calls for impeachment and resignation over allegations of rape and sexual assault. McClellan, of Richmond, sponsored the Senate companion to Kathy Tran's Repeal Act.

NOVA Democrat Moving To Impeach Lt. Gov. Fairfax On Monday

"On Monday, I will be introducing articles of impeachment for Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax if he has not resigned before then," said Delegate Patrick Hope (D-Arlington).