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For Environmentalists, Pink Slipped Coal Plant Workers Are “A Great Win”

For the environmentalist left to spike the football in the face of workers who just got their pink slip is contemptuous at best.

Northam Administration Wants To Make Hunting With Grandpa a Felony

SB 442 would make possession of a loaded, unsecured firearm a Class 6 felony, that as written appears to ban hunting for anyone under 18.

Underperformer Don Beyer Still Trying To “Bump Off” Overperformer Barbara Comstock

Democrats are in for a rather amazing surprise if they think VA-10 are easy pickings, as Comstock knows her home district better than any outsider. 

Democrat Wendy Gooditis Is No Stranger To Hypocrisy, That’s For Sure

Delegate Wendy Gooditis from northern Virginia has shown her shameless hypocrisy by voting in favor of people she opposed during her candidacy.

DACA Democrats May Take Blame Over Looming Shutdown

President Donald Trump is fairly confident that Democrats will inevitably face the blame that will be given if Congress fails on a spending bill over DACA.

LINGAMFELTER: A Plain Reading of the Constitution is Plainly Needed

Delegate Dawn Adams' role as a high-level state employee is an open conflict of interest, one the General Assembly should immediately remedy via statute.

BACON: Call Me Crazy, But…

The political left in America has a fundamental contempt for the countervailing opinions of others -- a blind spot they cannot easily remedy.

Democrats Begin Shooting Hostages Until They Get Medicaid Expansion

State Senator Bill Stanley's effort to keep Patrick County Hospital open suffered a setback as Democrats denied the measure the lone critical vote needed.

HILARIOUS: WaPo Doesn’t Realize They Lost The Election

This might flummox the editors at the Washington Post, but Republicans really did carry 51 seats in the House of Delegates... which means they won.

House Bill May Allow Mayor Stoney to Raise Taxes For RPS

85 percent of Richmonders voted for a referendum that will modernize RPS, but Mayor Stoney may be able to raise taxes for funding with new House bill.