Thursday, January 21, 2021

Cox Establishes Gubernatorial Bid With Early Endorsement Lead

Cox's endorsements and his steady brand of leadership is living up the promise of uniting the Republican coalition in the face of Democratic intransigence -- and appears to be just warming up the engines. 

Lastest Report Shows VHHA Provided $3.2bn In Community Benefit

Virginia hospitals provide more than 132,000 direct jobs with more than $8.5 billion in payroll and benefits, and hospitals generate roughly $40 billion in annual economic impact for the Commonwealth

Biden Still Needs Grace

In 2016 I walked away from the Republican Party over the primary election of Donald Trump. But I never denigrated anyone who supported him....

A Warning to the Election Winners

Most people realize the conversation about the election is not over, and those who technically won the election would be wise to take that conversation very seriously.

Hypocritical House Democrats

For a party so invested in telling you how to live, the Democrats sure don't live up to their own standard.

Self-Avowed Socialist Carter Announces for Governor

Virginia Democrats now have plenty to worry about as self-espoused socialist Lee Carter enters a crowded Democratic field.

What You Need To Know About Virginia’s Special Elections on January 5th

A Republican win in both of these races would shave the Democratic-controlled majority in the House of Delegates to a mere 53 votes.

Even In His Natural Environment, McAuliffe Looks Uncomfortable

Presumptive Democratic frontrunner Terry McAuliffe might be settling in at 32% in a recent poll against his rivals, but that doesn't mean the Dems are sold on T-Mac.

Draconian Anti-2A Restrictions Set To Go Into Effect in Virginia

Selling your firearms to a family members without conducting a background check could land you one year in jail and/or a $2,500 fine.

Northam Allocates $20mil To Help Small Businesses Destroyed By His Policies

The total of federal CARES Act dollars spent rises to $120 million.