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In Flanders Field 100 Years Ago

By November 1918, the American Expeditionary Force was a battle tested army.  The cost in blood was immense. 

CANTON: Virginia’s Kobayashi Maru

In hindsight, could Ed have convinced those anti-Trump Democrats to switch their vote? To see a smart guy with smart policies for the wonk that he is?

Republicans Should Be Perceptively Hostile Towards The Blame Game

Democrats would love to see us rip one another apart. Let's set our eyes towards the opportunities we have, not the backbiters within.

SCHOENEMAN: Takeaways from Tuesday’s Tsunami

Schoeneman: "Our majorities, at all levels, are likely living on borrowed time. "

NASA Wallops Island Scheduled for Saturday AM Antares Launch

If you like rockets, then early Saturday set your alarm clock and coffee pot for 7:00am for what should be a pretty amazing demonstration.

BREAKING: Goodlatte Out For 2018

Breaking news today as Rep. Bob Goodlatte (VA-06) is announcing that he will not seek another term in 2018. 

The Same Old Strategies Will Fail Us In The Same Old Way

Let’s focus on making people’s lives better by fixing issues we can actually solve, instead of beating dead horses. 

BREAKING: Republicans Maintain Leadership In Virginia House of Delegates

Speaker Cox: "Our resolve and commitment to good governance based on conservative principles remains strong and unwavering."

What Happens Next?

Republicans' best hope may be that Democrats draw the wrong conclusions from last night's events.

Now What? Key Questions After The Virginia Blowout

The mid-term backlash seemed like it would be mild at best – it was anything but.