Sunday, October 2, 2022

LINGAMFELTER: An Important Acronym

There’s nothing more confusing to average folks than military acronyms. The U.S. Army has a lot of them. One that is important for taxpayers...

LINGAMFELTER: Economic Train Wreck

Just when you thought that the economic news couldn’t get worse, both for the nation and individuals, a looming railroad strike could have further...


For those familiar with just war theory, it is very much an important component to civilized behavior. The concept reaches back to antiquity. But the first...
dominion energy

HANER: The Consequences of the Quest for Carbon

There is no reason Virginia should totally abandon the fuels which still run the vast majority of our homes, vehicles, farms and businesses, writes TJIPP's Steve Haner.

Anti-Religion Hate Group Targets Tazewell Sheriff for His Christian Faith

Tazewell County's sheriff finds that stating basic metaphysical truths is a tough business indeed.

HANER: Dominion Will Only Build Wind Farm If Risk is on its Consumers

Now comes applicant Dominion Energy Virginia, petitioning the Virginia State Corporation Commission to reverse its recent decision to impose actual financial risk on the...


This week we learned that the President of the United Sates had decided—by fiat—that any student earning under $125,000 a year who also has...

HANER: Virginia’s $3.2 Billion Surplus Has Already Been Spent

Any real surplus is almost impossible, writes Haner.

LINGAMFELTER: Who is “Other?”

If you are like many other people, you have come to the realization that the political divide we now witness in America is toxic. E...

BACON: Southwest Virginia Localities Under Continued Fiscal Stress

Virginia's Commission on Local Government's 2022 report has an interesting appendix.