Sunday, September 24, 2023

HOLLINGSWORTH: Destroying the Commonwealth in Order to Save it

The California inspired "green energy" mandates imposed by the Northam-era General Assembly are running into serious physical limitations, writes Hollingsworth.

WMAL Announces New Weekend Programming: “The All-American Book Club” Show

Are you feeling like you need some more content in your life centered around the great American values of faith, family, and freedom? I might...

LEAHY: Republicans Must Change Their Messaging, Or Face The Consequences

The tone of the GOP presidential race, so far, has been diffused, angry, and in recent days, focused almost entirely on the...

MARSHALL: Biden Admin Argues Pregnant Mothers Weaken US Military Readiness?!

The newly-minted US Space Force was going to make the logical move to Alabama, writes Marshall, until the Biden Administration decided that abortion-on-demand was a key metric.

MAX: WaPo Attacks Most Successful Education Reform in History

Government run public education isn't afraid of homeschoolers per se, writes Max, but rather that they enable parents to escape the clutches of government indoctrination.

HANER: Time to Hold Firm on Tax Cuts

If there's any compromise to be had, writes TJIPP's Steve Haner, it is focusing tax cuts on individuals and not corporations.

FIVE QUESTIONS: Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares

Whether it is combatting addiction or standing up for freedom, the American Miracle has a fighter in Jason Miyares.

LEAHY: Youngkin’s ‘Political Machine’ Said To Be Reconsidering 2024 Bid. They Shouldn’t.

On the topic of the growing GOP presidential field…there are whispers (none dare call them “wishcasting”…yet) that Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin may...

HANER: Refusing to Pay Your Debts is Not Bill Relief

Better short term pain than long term pain, writes TJIPP's Steve Haner, when it comes to Dominion Energy.

CORTEZ: Local and National Marketing on Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo's little known history is an opportunity to reflect on little known candidates, writes Daniel Cortez.