LEAHY: Billionaires Upset After Taxpayers Reject Sports Stadium Subsidies

Voters in Jackson County, Missouri, rejected a sales tax ballot measure that would have funded stadium renovations to the home of the Kansas City Chiefs and built a new stadium for the Kansas City Royals. The billionaire owners of the two teams expressed their regret that taxpayers were unwilling to subsidize their clubs for the […]

LEAHY: Social Security Reform Proposal Sparks Political Firestorm

What happens when one of the major political parties suggests the most modest of reforms to the benefits future Social Security beneficiaries will receive? The other major political party goes ballistic. Such were the atmospherics when the Republican Study Committee (RSC) played against the prevailing type with the GOP so far and issued a plan […]

MAX: Youngkin Uses Veto Pen to Protect Farmers and Lower-Skilled Workers

There is a near-universal consensus among economists that increases in the minimum wage harm low-skilled workers the most. Originally designed to mimic racially discriminatory laws elsewhere, the minimum wage continues to be a means of picking certain classes and geographic locations over others. For example, the minimum wage benefits the high-cost-of-living areas in the Northeast over the lower-cost-of-living areas in […]

Long Live The King

Why do you seek the living among the dead? Happy Easter everyone! In line with my second post to everyone about Christmas, I wanted to spend some time this afternoon to reflect on the events of Holy Week, The Resurrection, and their implications. Three months ago, I wrote to you about a newborn infant in […]

HANER: Wind Lawsuit Poses a Whale of a Problem

Dominion Energy ratepayers are about to find themselves on the losing end of a green energy project gone bad, writes TJIPP's Steve Haner.

Dominion Energy ratepayers are about to find themselves on the losing end of a green energy project gone bad, writes TJIPP’s Steve Haner.

WILSON: Working Class, Young and Minority Voters Were Instrumental in Trump’s Win in Virginia Primary

Last week’s Super Tuesday primary contests solidified Former President Trump as the GOP nominee after Gov. Nikki Haley’s lackluster performance led her to suspend her campaign, and revealed Trump’s working-class coalition is only growing stronger. Trump swept the primaries winning over a dozen states and solidified his support among working and middle-class voters, as well […]

Confessions of a Never Trump Conservative

Sorry, but no one has the unmitigated right to my vote. Earn it. If you are indeed a Republican, there is no more certain way to make a Democratic friend by announcing your dislike of Donald J. Trump. Of course, the quickest way to lose that friend is to mention that the reason you do […]

LEAHY: True Costs Of Congressional Inaction Amount To Billions Of Wasted Dollars

Waste, fraud, abuse…budget cutters of old used these three words to describe the federal government’s poor stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Such charges were frequently derided as the rumblings of anti-government know-nothings. However, the evidence continues to mount that waste, fraud, and abuse are standard features of federal spending. And according to the Government Accountability Office, […]

HANER: Killing The Digital Goose For Its Golden Egg

The last time the General Assembly made a similar mistake with the Virginia tax code was 20 years ago. It was 2004, and the complaints that business was not “paying its fair share” came from Republicans in the House. They introduced and quickly pushed through a bill that stripped sales tax exemptions from multiple categories of business. Sound familiar? Twenty […]