Sunday, December 4, 2022

Rare Book by Thomas Jefferson Found In Virginia Beach Donation Box

Reports of Cases: Determined in the General Court of Virginia will be donated to Monticello's Jefferson Library.

Liberal Democracy; Illiberal Institutions

Maybe no one wants to work for a public education system that hates our values?

HANER: Five Reasons To Reject Offshore Wind Project

Researchers at the University of Virginia are part of an ongoing effort to redesign wind turbines to be both more efficient and better protected...

Spanberger Embraces “Spray Tran” Supremacist Rhetoric in VA-07 Clash

Virginia Democrats alongside the DCCC and their allies double down on the "spray tan" supremacist narrative.

UVA Alumni Association (Oddly) Bans Jefferson Council Advertisement

Virginia Magazine should consider an alternative view, free from prejudice but not from judgment, and let the facts demonstrate themselves free from narration. 

Turns Out Voters Just Aren’t That Enthusiastic About Killing Babies

Forget the dead cat bounce. The dead baby bounce just isn't there for the Dems.

The Silent Majority Returns in Grand Style


Plagiarism AI: The Danger of Manipulating Education for Outcomes

Developing a no-tolerance policy for BS writing from AI is going to present a serious challenge for educators over the next five years. 

Courageous Army Chaplain Takes Flack for Praising Reversal of Roe v. Wade

OPINION – I’m with him. On Friday, former Green Beret, now Army Chaplain Maj. Brian T. Hargis, the brigade chaplain for the 157th Infantry Brigade sent an...